10 Common Mistakes While on Gym


Consciously or unconsciously we’ve done some of these errors, following 10 common mistakes in the world of fitness.10 Common Mistakes While on Gym

10 Common Mistakes While on Gym

10 Common Mistakes While on Gym

1. Too many diversions

The number of women in the gym can make our attention distracted. Sometimes it makes us focus more closely on them than to focus on the exercises that are being lived. Even for the sake of looking for the attention of the load of the actual force you are not able to lift your lift anyway.

2. Less rest

The world of lifting weights is a tough and heavy world that requires sufficient rest to get optimal results. Keep in mind, muscle growth occurs when the muscle breaks instead of when the muscle is used for activity. In this case lifting weights. So it is unfortunate for those of you who are too push yourself to exercise regardless of the pattern of rest.

3. Do not know the limits of the body’s ability

You have to know the limits of your own body, especially in the case of lifting weights. Do not force yourself when the weight of the load removed has exceeded your ability. This will cause overtraining and the result is even detrimental to your body.

4. Do not include leg exercises in the exercise program

Being overworked by upper body exercises can sometimes make you forget how important your feet work as your body’s foundation. Many fitness mania that has a large upper body and beautiful but has a small leg so not good to see. Start entering a leg training program in your routine.

5. Too dependent on supplements

No doubt the existence of dietary supplements during fitness is very important. But this should not make you become very dependent on supplements and forget about your daily dietary intake. Whereas the position of supplements here only as a support nutritional needs are less than daily food / real food. Not as a substitute food even in some cases because not taking supplements makes exercise less enthusiastic. Remember the beautiful body not because of the complete supplement but because it is supported with the pattern of exercise, diet, and the correct rest pattern.

6. Lack of cardio workout

Many of the fitness mania that characterize cardio exercise. Because it considers cardio only as an exercise for fat people only. Though cardio is a very important exercise for anyone, because the main function of cardio exercise is to improve the performance of the heart that will impact to increase your stamina either in daily activities or during exercise.

7. Depending on the machine’s gear rather than manual gear

This often happens to beginners who from the beginning always wear machine tool so it becomes a habit. Machine gear is designed to avoid injury but machine tools make the movement of muscles become static, not free. Because by using the machine tool you will enter the type of exercise isolation that only train 1 muscle only. Though to develop muscles should be trained as a whole (isolation and compound). Make machine tool only as a training vector. Start using manual gear.

8. Unprogrammed exercises

If you use the services of a personal trainer you no longer care how to determine the correct exercise program. But if you are not able to use the services of a personal trainer you are required to be able to arrange a good exercise program. With a programmed exercise can motivate you to practice continuously so that your practice works out.

9. Exercise techniques that are not true

Fitness is not just lifting weights, but also must pay attention to the technique of lifting the right load. Because in addition to avoiding injury, the right technique allows you to know which muscles are being trained. You can also know which muscles will contract in the type of exercise you are doing.

10. Only focus on the load that must be lifted rather than the correct technique

More or less the same at point 9, you can not just focus with how much weight you should lift to get bigger muscles, you should pay more attention to the correct technique. Basically you do have to often increase the burden to challenge your muscles. But if you do not understand right, weighing whatever load you lift will not result in anything other than muscle injury.

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