Top 10 Alternative Sites like LiveLeak


LiveLeak is one of the best and famous video hosting sites to watch all types of videos online. With this site, you can post and share the unique videos. It features a variety of ways to view online videos where you can find the no copyright videos. It is a place of accumulation of graphics contents like murders, fights, news & politics, celebs, and others. If users want to watch the videos, they simply have to go for login and start watching videos of about all categories. Here you will get Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

LiveLeak offers many great features to users and it offers a section named as ‘Yoursay,’ where users can upload their own videos and vlogs. It also features Safe Mode option, selecting which users can agree with T&C of the site that they’re above 18 years and thus it prevents the mature preview of images. There’re many other similar sites like LiveLeak available for the users to watch and upload the variety of videos.

Here we’ve picked the Best Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

1. Quicklinkr

Quicklinkr is an online video website that offers the spacious data feature for the creators. It allows you to create all of your bookmarks at a centralized platform to access them from anywhere, anytime from any device. With the help of Quicklinkr, you can Save Your Favorite Links, Images, & Pictures, Plan a Wedding, Book a Holiday, Subscribe Your Favorite News and Many Others. It always remains on and always available on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It is completely free for the users. Thus Quicklinkr helps you to organize your online life very well.

2. MyVidster

Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

Myvidster is also one of the best alternatives to LiveLeak with the help of which you can share social videos and make bookmarks for free. With the help of this site, you can collect, share, search, and explore media. With MyVidster Apk, you can keep your video clips significant and makes it much easier to share them. Besides, you’ll also be able to develop your personal collections or which are constructed by other individuals.

3. Dailymotion

Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

Dailymotion is one of the most popular video sharing and hosting sites among the users in the world. It is available in 18 languages and is using by 300 users across the world. With Dailymotion, users can upload and share media contents like LiveLeak. It can be easily be downloaded in your PC and also available for mobile as Apk. Dailymotion is called a large social video bookmarking website or app that allows you to develop part of an area of video participants.

4. Vimeo


Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

Vimeo is a best high-quality sites like LiveLeak that provides the video hosting and sharing facilities to its users. It provides the paid services where you can avail its services after paying Vimeo Plus pack for $7 per month and Vimeo Pro pack for $20 per month. Besides, Vimeo Business pack is also available for the users for $50 per month. After purchasing these packs, users can avail the best quality videos with a great storage.

5. YouTube

Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

YouTube is the one of the most famous website or app in the world among the users where they can watch videos, live streams & TV, music, viral videos and others contents. In YouTube, users can also upload their own videos easily and share their favorite videos with others. Since its foundation in 2005, this Video Hosting and Sharing Platform has now 1 Billion users from all over the world. YouTube offers the Subscription feature to its users by which high production value content can be viewed by them easily. Besides, it also facilitates the AdSense accounts by which creators can create revenue from the views of their videos. The major benefit of YouTube is that it is accessible to all devices.

6. Metacafe

Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

Metacafe is one of the best massive video hostings and sharing sites that produce the good quality of videos to its users. Accessing Metacafe is completely free to watch the latest, trending and popular videos like LiveLeak. It allows you to publish the original content which is less than eight minutes in length. It divides its video content into categories which are called channels. Hence, posting and sharing videos on Metacafe is a great, and it is the free way to advertise and create quality links.

7. Popcornflix

Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

Popcornflix is a great web and app by which great movies can be watched in your PC or mobile. Accessing this website, you’ll be facilitated instantly to watch more than 700 movies without any charges. With Popcornflix, users can watch TV shows, movies, and cartoon classics in high-quality without any cost. Initially, it was launched for U.S. and Canada users but later it was also launched in the U.K., Australia, Germany, France, and New Zealand where users can access Popcornflix easily.

8. Hulu

Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

Hulu is also one of the similar website or app like LiveLeak by which video on demand can be availed by the users from anywhere. It facilitates users to access the content via their laptops or desktops. With the Hulu website, video can be streamed on your smart TVs or on regular TVs using streaming devices or game consoles. Besides, Hulu is also available on smartphones and tablets via Android and iOS apps. It is available at low monthly subscription cost for the users. You can also check this method to skip Hulu ads to expereience ad free.

9. Xfinity Video

Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

Xfinity is also one of the similar websites like LiveLeak where you can watch the high-quality videos. It enables the users to watch the Xfinity movies and TV shows anywhere. It includes the numerous past seasons of current hit shows and full series as well. Xfinity Video provides the subscription On Demand folder service to its users, on online platforms and mobile devices.

10. Wistia

Alternative Sites like LiveLeak

Wistia is an online video hosting website that focuses on video marketing and data. The features of Wistia allows you to assess a particular video that causes significant dropoffs. With its data, you can also make intelligent changes to your content by which you can also improve the performance of your contents. It also provides a number of features related to security and video SEO.

Conclusion –

The list mentioned above are the best Sites like LiveLeak which are also the video hosting sites and with these website users will be benefited for sure. You can check out your best site according to your needs that can help you better in hosting and watching videos.


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