Best Apps for Samsung Gear 2 You Should Definitely Try!


Samsung Gear 2 was developed by Samsung, a South-Korean Multinational company. Gear 2 was released in April 2014. It’s basically a sophisticated compact watch with a 4GB Storage in it. The Gear 2 is light-weighted watch with a 10mm thickness that makes it more attractive. However, you won’t get any cellular connectivity in this watch.

Major Features of Samsung Gear 2:

  • Accelerators
  • Heart Rate
  • Gyro
  • SMS
  • MP3 Player
  •  MP4/H.264 Player
  • Photo Viewer

Wearable accessories weren’t the actual market for Samsung but they have been coming up with new tech accessories regularly. Gear was also one of those inventions, a mobile interface on a watch. Samsung has been making Gear version based on Tizen platform. Being a new invention Samsung wasn’t able to feature multiple wanted apps, they provided an empty app store with few unwanted apps. , However, you can install a few of the apps by your choice.

Best Apps for Samsung Gear 2

If you want to know about those software’s then stick to this post. Here’s a list of best apps for Samsung Gear 2. If you haven’t downloaded these apps, you must get them!

1. UBER:

Uber is a cab service app which was later listed for Samsung Gear 2. Now, you can get your cab just by accessing from your Wrist. You can book a taxi online, get a ride, watch the live map, fare calculator & much more. Using UBER on Gear 2 will give you all Uber options & features, no compromise. A well-designed watch that can book a cab for you! Best taxi calling service & stands amongst the top ones.


Most of the Samsung Gadgets come with a bunch of Google Apps which satisfy most of their customers. But over here the situation is different because Gear 2 isn’t Android-based. You won’t even find a Google Map but a tie-up with Nokia’s HERE NAVIGATOR has resolved this problem. Here Navigator is a perfect head-to-head competitor for Google Map. However we don’t often see people using HERE, it’s similar to Google.

3. Twitter Trends:

An application for getting you updated regularly. Just install it & stay updated with new tweets & trending news on your screen. Download it & let it handle the rest. You must sign in to your Tweet Account & get all Tweets without even getting into the app. The main screen will display trending contents. So, you can rely on this small dimensional object.

4. News Briefing:

Not every news app is supported on Tizen. So, you might have to go for News Briefing that is compatible on Tizen. News Briefing is a News up-to-date app that can get you every latest new under 1 interface. Just install it & select your favorite categories. It will take care of the content that needs to be displayed.

5. Mr. Time Maker:

You will definitely love this one! Why not change themes & graphics of your Gear S2? Use Mr. Time Maker for it. Install it & design your Gear S2 display according to you. You can also add useful widgets on home screen. You would be glad to see that this app is absolutely free! So go & customize your Gear 2.

6. Travel Phrasebook:

Making those discussions abroad somewhat less demanding, this Gear S2 application culls out a choice of helpful expressions covering all the critical situations like conversing with a cabbie, going for supper and working out your cash. The best part is that it works offline.

7. Calorie Burner S2

Culminate in the event that you need to know how much it will take to consume off that burger you had at lunch, this wellness application for your Samsung watch stores a gathering of nourishments crosswise over 14 distinct families to tell you precisely what the number of calories you’ve consumed.

8. Camera Gear

On the off chance that you need to shoot pictures or record video on your mobile through your Gear S2, this is the application to do it.  Turning that fresh, lively round show into a watcher, it works with both front and back confronting cameras, get a blaze mode and a  self-clock mode to give you an opportunity to get into the shot.

9. Xenozu YouTube Player

There’s no official YouTube application for the Gear S2 on your wrist, yet those hoping to see recordings can do as such through Xenozu’s Player. However, according to me, YouTube is better than Xenozu but we need to deal with Xenozu after all.

10. Spotify:

There was a time when Gear 2 users were finding ways to get Spotify. But the official app has come out for S2. You can browse via charts, scroll through playlists or search artists. You won’t get an offline mode so will definitely need minimum 3G network strength. Spotify Premium might not be available for S2 but you must try it on Android.

11. eBay

Through the official Gear S2 eBay application, you can see your purchasing and offering movement, offer and outbid somebody on the watch itself. Overall an advantageous app.

Few more apps:

  • Prana
  • ChatHubGolf Navi Global
  • Bubble Bash 3
  • Agile Keyboard
  • Snake Classic S2
  • Photo Watch Pro
  • Voxer
  • Lifesum
  • Line
  • Yelp for Gear
  • SmartThings
  • Kevo by Unikey


These were few of the best apps you should try on your Samsung Gear 2. We have listed a few of the best only. If you have any confusion or doubts, feel free to drop a message in the Comment Section. We will try to reach you as soon as possible.


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