Best Games like Runescape To Play Online


Runescape is the first MMORPGs or Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game. Well if not the first, one of the first MMORPGs who got popular with time. People really liked the content & things in this game. Explore the world, complete quests, defeat monsters & players (you can kill them too in the game). Additionally, you can collect resources, items & store them. Well, Runescape isn’t always available on the internet & few sites offer us corrupt data. However the game falls in a category of its own, we have got a few of the best games like Runescape.

These games are fantasy themed based & the best alternatives for Runescape. If you were searching for the MMORPG games then a list is best for you. So just stick to this post & explore the

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Top 10 Games Like Runescape alternatives.

1. Planet Calypso:

Planet Calypso gives you MMO-RPG experience where your decisions count in reality. Don’t worry, bots won’t invade our planet. The game gives you an opportunity to earn Real Cash. Yes, real work earning just by playing this game. However it won’t be quite easy, but you can try because there’s nothing impossible excluding unrealistic things. Create your Avatar – Edit it – Add on things – Make it powerful – Battle. You may try this game or use Starter Pack. Overall a great colonist Virtual World with 3-D Experience. Best games like runespace.

2. Dofus:

Dofus is another game probably similar games like Runescape. A tactically oriented MMORPG game. The game evolved a lot in the recent updates as compared to initial first release. However Dofus is a paid game, you need to pay to play. You may play the game for free but with limited content. If you like the free version, you may go for a monthly subscription. The prices for opting the paid version is approximately 5 Euros or 420 INR. But there’s a way to get your money back, just play & earn. Overall 7/10.

3. Koyotl:

A 3-D browser game that lets you explore numerous game lands. Liquid lava, lush green meadows, bizarre rock formations, labyrinthine caverns, areas filled with hot lava, Idyllically brooks & much more. Don’t fear out because of such words, you are an animal-warrior in the game. So you shouldn’t be frightened, you will find against scariest monsters & villains. Just prove your skills on this game & change your fellow players to compete you.

4. Wakfu:

Wafdu is an MMORPG developed by Ankama Games. Ankama Games are the same developers who have developed Dofus. A tactical turn-based combat game with cartoon design. If you love Anime then you might definitely relate characters of this games to Anime. The storyline of Wakfu resume’s Dofus storyline after 1000 years. You may try this game if you liked Dofus.

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5. Drakensang Online:

Drakensang is an MMO based game developed by Bigpoint, the game is free to play & web browser based. The game includes classic characters & warriors. In the game, you are the master who battles the monsters in order to save the world & especially his loved ones. You may select any character out of 4 given: Mages, Rangers, Knights & Dwarves.

6. AdventureQuest Worlds:

Another popular MMORPG game with not so great graphics. The game is probably similar to OG AdventureQuest. However, there are differences in both games. This game takes place in a non-simple persistent game world, not like a single player experience. People who want great graphics won’t like this & they would rate it as an Average game.

7. ArcheAge:

The game deserves a spot in this list because of its great environment & different graphics world. You can also modify your world, adventure & players. ArcheAge have invested good quality & a great amount of content for MMO graphics scene. The game provides you with a different environment or dimension with a variety of content, unique system, characters, etc. You also get a sea-based battle or combats with features like crafting, shipping, collecting resources & much more.

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8. Rift:

Another MMORPG based game that is capable of dethroning World of WarCraft. Also quite a greatest rival or competitor to Runescape. The game is available since June 2013; however, the initial release was in 2011. Rift is really a fantastic game & an MMORPG Multiplayer. The storyline consists of a world known as Telera. Telera is a core of 6 elements Air, Death, Earth, Fire, Water & Life. It would be a tough decision who’s better, Rift or World of warcraft.

9. World Of Warcraft:


Previously discuss World Of Warcraft is a very popular MMO & Strategic game developed by maximum age groups. The game has a fictional world of Azeroth & contains different storylines accompanied by 13 different races/generation. Each race has their specialties. You may play being Alliance for Humans, Horde for Orcs, Elfs, witches & few more characters. Like Clash Of Clans, you can build your own base & army, unlock or create creatures & fight against people. COC lovers would definitely love this game.

10. Neverwinter:

Neverwinter is an entirely single player game & it’s also an MMORPG one. The game is best for people who love fast-paced combat games. RPG experience with fast pace things that will force you to decide in split seconds. There are 8 classes to play as, discover new places & level up by defeating monsters. Complete quests & get rewarded.

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11. WarTune:


Wartune is a 2-D artwork based game & this is also MMORPG one. The story-line is linear as well as simple. The game starts with a storyline where 1 thousand years ago a god named Yarod led an army against the Yaloran Empire. However, the war resulted in the place into sorrow & wasteland. Now it’s all upon you to save the verge of humanity & defeat the terror god, Yaros.


These were few of the best Alternatives or games like Runescape. We have shortlisted this games on the basis of graphics, reviews, similarity & overall rating. There are few more games available but these are the best standing amongst them. Well if we have missed an elite name. Let us know in the Comment Section. STAY TUNED!


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