Best XBOX One Emulator for PC 2018


Are you in love with games? Are you a gamer? Well, if yes, then you might have wanted to play XBOX games but XBOX being expensive few people tend to buy it. XBOX series is an expensive game setup & people like us do not buy it, meanwhile, we just see gameplay, etc. Whatever is the case we can’t deny that we wish to play games on XBOX? Well don’t worry, here’s a solution to try XBOX One Emulator for PC. We at least have a Personal Computer so why not get something where we can play XBOX games. So, without wasting much time, let’s tune towards the intro.

The only way to play XBOX games on PC is using an Emulator. Well, if you don’t know what does emulator means & how it works, we will explain to you. An emulator is just a software that emulates a game or software on some other system instead of what it was designed for. For example, there’s an Android app but people use it on PC too. People are able to do so because of Emulators. Similarly, there are XBOX one Emulator which can emulate XBOX games to work on your PC. Emulation in simple words means designing of environment for an app on another system.

Usually, XBOX one Emulator claim to be better in performance & gaming experience. However, not all are able to stand on their promise. Emulation requires a lot of processing, RAM & GPU to handle heavy apps. We have researched & got a list of few of the best XBOX one Emulator with a BONUS Emulator for you. So, let’s get started with our list.

Best XBOX One Emulator for PC 2018

1. HackiNations:

HackiNation Emulator is a well designed & tested XBOX emulator to serve best & lag-free gaming experience to the users. The emulator can run any game no matter how heavy the game is. Games would run without any frame drop or high-level glitch. HackiNations is capable of playing most of the XBOX games so go & download it from their official website.


  • Supports various ROM & Disc File Formats
  • Keyboard Controls including Map
  • No lags & frame drop
  • HD Graphics & full-screen mode available
  • External USB Controller Supportable
  • Multiplayer game titles

2. Xeon Emulator:

Xeon Emulator deserves a spot in our list & ignoring this emulator would be unfair. Emulate every possible XBOX game on your PC. The emulator won’t damage any part of the graphics of the game. You also get a backup feature which automatically saves your progress after every checkpoint. So, you can continue your game anytime. Compatible on Windows & DOS Operating System.


  • Low Specs Games Supportive
  • Supports External Controller & Keyboard
  • No Lag or Frame Drops
  • Highly Stable Emulator

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3. DXBX Emulator:

DXBX is another XBOX One Emulator which is hassle free & doesn’t include hectic steps. Here you can install any game & use it. DXBX Emulator converts the game file into an executable file (.exe) which makes it easier to play games on PC. DXBX has got only 1 limitation, it’s only compatible on Windows except for 64 Bit ones because that version won’t work properly.


  • Play any game
  • Executable File Creator
  • Easier to manage

4. Xenia Emulator:

Another excellent XBOX 1 Emulator which allows you to play games on PC. Works fine on every Windows Version, doesn’t loses marks over here. However, we have found few users reviewing this emulator as laggy while playing Heavy games. But that’s not a big deal because developers are working on it. Xenia has been updated a lot in recent years & they have been improving day by day. Xenia supports more than 50 XBOX 360 & 1 games. Overall you must have a try on it.


  • 50+ XBOX 1 & 360 Games
  • Compatible on all Windows Version
  • Regular Updates

We have explained Xenia Emulator in our Previous post “Best XBOX 360 Emulator for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10. You must also try XBOX 360 using Xenia as it’s compatible for both.

5. CXBX Emulator:

CXBX is another Emulator just like DXBX. The emulator is compatible on every version of Windows. Game installation is not a tough work. However, we don’t recommend you this Emulator for experiencing XBOX 1 because this emulator is better for XBOX 360. CXBX only supports 5 XBOX One games & that’s the lowest number so far in our list. But this 5 games won’t trouble you that’s for sure.

Are you a gaming expert? But don’t have a high-level powerful PC? Want something that consumes less RAM. Well, for you Windows XP is a solution. But uninstalling current OS & going back to 2000 isn’t a good idea. No problem, we have got an idea for you. Grab New Windows XP Home Edition ISO from where you can get XP on virtual drives & play games consuming less RAM.

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6. EX360E Emulator:

EX360E is also an emulator that converts XBOX game files into executable files which makes users work easy. The emulator isn’t overwhelmed with features; in simple words, ordinary features are only available. However, you won’t face much trouble while using this Emulator. A smooth interface is far better than laggy one even if we get few features. And that’s the reason we have got EX360E in our list.

Wrapping Up As Conclusion:

So, we have discussed few of the best XBOX One Emulators for PC 2018. We have listed Emulators according to hassle-free process, features, smooth performance, lag free & supportively. You may try any emulator according to your choice. If you have any doubt regarding today’s post, feel free to contact us via the Comment Section. We will try to reach you as soon as possible. Let us know which emulator worked better for you. If you have liked today’s post Please Like & follows us for daily updates. We are regular tech posting bloggers! STAY TUNED!


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