Netflix has become an inseparable part of everyone’s lives. If you agree, you must be trying to download Netflix MOD APK in 2021. 

Well, for starters, the app has some sensational TV series and movie collections. Once you binge-watch a couple of shows, the chances of you getting addicted to the platform are quite high.

Considering this pandemic situation, people spend all of their time at home. And as you know, the best way to kill time for students and non-workers is binge-watching. 

One downside to Netflix is that it’s paid. You must have heard the saying, every great stuff comes with a great price. It’s just another thing that I disagree with it. Don’t you believe it? Ah, okay… I’ve got such a Netflix MOD that can give you premium access for free. 

You can download my Netflix MOD APK in 2021 for free to make yourself safe – just don’t go outside haha!

In case if you think that MODs are not safe, I reckon you should read the next section. 

What is a Netflix MOD APK and is it Safe?

Using Netflix MOD would not expose your private and sensitive information. Yes, some websites can lure you into giving them your private information. How do you identify such websites? It’s simple, keep these 2 things in mind while searching for any MOD APK:

  • Make sure the site is secure, i.e. it has an HTTPS rather than HTTP
  • Never put your bank account details to claim your free MOD. 

Let me give you a small overview of what actually Netflix MOD APK is.

netflix mod apk couponcruz

Netflix MOD is a tweaked app. Many pro app developers are able enough to get the backend of the original Netflix app via a backdoor. They just copy the code and make the exact same app. 

They tweak the code in a way that makes the app free, Sounds pretty much Tony Stark stuff, right?

Although it’s not a big deal to download these Netflix MOD in 2021, they are not available on Playstore. If you want them, you gotta scroll through multiple websites. (we got it covered, get it here

One of the many advantages of a MOD is that it permits unlimited users to use the app simultaneously without even logging in.

How To Download Netflix MOD APK in 2021

You don’t need to be a software engineer to download Netflix MOD APK in 2021. Just follow the steps given below and a few taps on your mobile screen would do the work! 

Step 1: Download Netflix MOD APK in 2021 from CouponCruz

Click the Download button to get the MOD APK. You will be redirected to a new page. 

Netflix mod apk downloadDownload Netflix Premium Apk

App NameNetflix MOD APK
Size16.6 Mb
Version2.50 [Latest]
Last Update8th February 2021
CategoryVideo Streaming
Offered ByNetflix Inc

Download Netflix Mod Apk

  • Wait for 5-10 seconds and the downloading will start automatically. 
  • In case the download doesn’t start, click here to force download Netflix MOD APK in 2021

Step 2: Allow Downloading from Unknown Source

You have the APK version of the app downloaded to your phone. 

Now go to Setting > Apps > Allow downloading from an unknown source. Make sure to enable this option 

unknown sources

You don’t have to think that it’s some sort of virus as the APK is a tweaked version and not available on the Google play store, Google doesn’t recognize it. Therefore, it asks you to enable downloading from unknown sources.

Note: Our Netflix MOD APK is 100% scanned and secured! 

Step 3: Install Your Netflix MOD APK

Now head over to the File Manager option on your phone, look for the Netflix APK, and start the installation process. Another way to do the same is – go to downloads of your browser & tap on the APK > install 

Once it will be installed, you will have your free Netflix account. Go to your phone’s home screen, open the app, and have a great “Netflix & Chill” mood!

Features of Netflix MOD APK

The features of Netflix MOD APK are phenomenally similar to the official Netflix app. The only difference is – the MOD APK is free of cost. For the official app, you gotta pay a boatload of money every month.

Let’s talk about the features of the Netflix MOD APK:

Unlimited Screen Permission in Netflix MOD

This feature is one that is even better than the official Netflix app itself. 

unlimited screen netflix mod

As soon as you download Netflix MOD APK, you will get access to it without even logging in with your email id. This APK can be used by you, your friends, siblings, or anyone. 

So you can go out and get pleasant blessings for sharing your Netflix MOD APK for free. 

Get Unlimited Downloads in Netflix MOD APK

With MODs, there is no upper cap to the space of your app. It means you can download any number of TV series episodes or even movie series all at once, binge-watch them, and keep them in the app downloaded section for as long as you want!

netflix unlimited downloads

In an official Netflix app subscription, you can’t exceed the storage limit. The space in the app provided depends on your currently active subscription plan. 

No Ads in Our Netflix MOD APK

The best part of the Netflix MOD APK, which we provide, is that it has no ads. Several other APKs out there will work just fine but will have many ads popping up again and again. This definitely will be a turn-off for you and we know it.

netflix no ad mod

To cater to all our readers, our APK has no ads. Download Netflix MOD APK in 2021 from our site and you will have no complaints.

Many Language options to Stream in

Do you have a problem understanding English? Don’t be shy, it’s ok! Not everyone is fluent! I prefer watching TV series and movies in my native language, not English!

netflix multi language option

Netflix is a popular platform and takes care of all its users across the globe. Therefore, it has many languages so that you can enjoy it no matter what. And guess what? Such a feature remains intact with our Netflix MOD APK as well.

With almost all the major languages covered, your best shot at getting a free Netflix account is here! Download Netflix MOD APK in 2021 from our website and stream in the language you want.

4K Ultra-HD Streaming Option 

4K Ultra-HD feature is for high-end mobile phone users. Oftentimes, the quality of streams in most MOD APKs are a turn-off. But yes, if you download Netflix MOD APK in 2021 from our website, its quality would be good enough to satisfy your eyeballs.  

netflix 4k mod

We have provided an option to stream it in 4K Ultra-HD. Once you download our APK, you will get the vibe of watching a movie in a theatre. 

Please note that this feature is only suitable for only those phones that support 4K Ultra-HD quality streaming. For other users like me, the steam quality will still be 1080p, which is not as bad as you might think! 

Netflix MOD APK Alternatives to Watch Free Movies & Series

If you want to explore more and want to know the Netflix MOD APK alternatives, I’ve researched and found great alternatives. All of these have been used by me and my friends. So they’re legit as well. 

Let me just say one thing, these alternatives are great, but none of them can outperform our Netflix MOD APK because my friends and I made ours keeping these in mind. 

I would suggest using these alternatives when you are just simply bored with Netflix and want some change!

Popcornflix: The Best Netflix MOD APK Alternative

If you don’t want to download Netflix MOD APK in 2021, Popcornflix is a great alternative. You can watch quality movies and TV series without paying anything. Just like any other MOD, singing up on this app is optional. You can just continue watching great content without signing in.

popcornflix apk free download

Popcornflix is listed on the Google Play and iOS Stores. So there’s no need to worry about getting hacked. 

Along with an app, you can also get the liberty to stream online via their website. The app helps you stream on your phone, tablets, and even your TV, but you need an Amazon Fire Stick.

Frankly speaking, annoying ads would be there to annoy you. These ads are the reason why Popcornflix is not charging you for its service. 

In my opinion, it’s quite fair. But still, the best option for you is to download Netflix MOD APK in 2021. 

Get Popcornflix

KODI App Download for Android Phones and TV

If you want to have a home theatre and don’t want to invest in OTT platforms, KODI can be a good alternative to Netflix MOD APK in 2021.

kodi apk download

KODI is a free, open-source tool, which is managed by the XBMC foundation. XBMC is a non-profit foundation that keeps binge-watchers entertained!

KODI has several add-ons that are free to use. These add-ons make your streaming experience even better. However, they are risky to use and might expose your information at times. So, it’s better to stick with on app usage. Try them only when you’re good technically. 

One critical point to note here is that whatever you watch, your watch history is visible to IPS and the government.

So, just think before you stream!

Get Kodi

CartoonHD: Download for Smart TV and Mobile Phones

CartoonHD is a website, which originally launched as an app on the iOS play store. Back then, it had all the latest TV series and movies. Unfortunately, the app was taken down from the Apple Store with the notion of having copyrighted content.

cartoonhd apk download

After that point, CartoonHD decided to come up with a website and shifted all the content there. This site is still up and running. It gives you great content to stream at a high quality.

There have been many controversies about whether to use CartoonHD or not because many people think it to be an illegal website. Well, for people who think it is, just give this a thought- if the site was illegal, wouldn’t it be taken off by Google?

I’ve used the site and it works just fine and never asks you to put in any information for using it. 

Get CartoonHD

Morpheus TV: The Ultimate Alternative to Netflix MOD APK

Morpheus is available on the Google Play store. The developers of this app keep it up to date so that you can watch the latest movies and TV Series. 

morpheus tv apk download

The best thing about the app is – it has no annoying ads, which you need to see after every tap on your phone screen! The app is also compatible with Android TVs and Amazon Fire Stick. You can stream all you want on your TV with the Chromecast feature of the app. Pretty cool, right!

In addition, you can have the subtitles addition option, which can let you add your own custom subtitles downloaded from 3rd party sites.  Although Morpheus itself provides subtitles in various languages, you don’t need to add custom subtitles. 

Apart from this, you can also download movies and TV series on Morpheus TV in any resolution you want.  

All I can say is – If you have no desire to download Netflix MOD APK in 2021, Morpheus TV is one of the best alternatives that you can rely on. 

Get Morpheus TV

Titanium TV: Modernized Netflix MOD APK Alternative

If you have no intention to download Netflix MOD APK or any other alternative because of the user interface, go with Titanium TV because its modern features and user-friendly interface is quite soothing. 

titanium tv apk

You don’t need to sign up for the app to watch any TV series or movies. All the movies and shows are listed in different genres accordingly, like action, romance, sci-fi, etc. 

Like other alternatives, Titanium TV gives you an option to download content and watch it offline later. What’s great about the app is the screencast feature. It supports Chromecast and DLNA (both are screencast methods) that are rare to find in one app altogether!

Get Titanium TV

Is Downloading Netflix MOD APK in 2021 Worth it?

Saving money is your thing? Download Netflix MOD APK in 2021 to save some. It’s not a smart move to pay for Netflix as it literally doesn’t bring any growth. It’s just entertainment which is temporary. 

Once you pay, you watch, have fun, and that’s it. Nothing else! 

Instead of spending around $10-$17 on Netflix, watch all you want for free. The only condition is – you gotta download our Netflix MOD APK. 



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