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People often use the free version of Spotify to listen to music online. However, some of them are not contented with the free version. If this is the case with you, the below sections help you a lot. Below, you will get to know the details on how to install Spotify premium apk on your device. With the help of this apk, you can do many new things which you cannot do in its free version. Let’s have a look at the details of what this apk is, a method to install it, advantages, disadvantages, etc.

spotify premium apk


Spotify is recognized as a well-known online music platform wherein you can gain access to your preferred music. The free service and premium service both are available based on the needs of users. Its free service is excellent and many people admired the free Spotify ad-free apk. However, in order to get certain additional features, users can subscribe to the premium version as well. The free Spotify ad-free apk may come with limited functionalities. Certain people do not wish to spend on a music app subscription and in such cases, the Spotify premium apk becomes useful.

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It is certain that using the premium version of Spotify apk will let you use many exciting features. These include no ads, unlimited storage, unlimited downloads, and many more. Moreover, you can also make a songs playlist with the help of Spotify premium apk. It can even eliminate all the restrictions imposed for you. You get an opportunity to enjoy your favorite music and tracks while switching to offline mode. For that, you only need to download your preferred songs and enjoy whenever you want.


spotify premium apk

Let’s have a look at its advantages:

• Unlimited Storage-

Do you like some of the songs and wish to get them by downloading them to your Spotify library? If yes then you can accomplish it using the premium version of the app. You only need to download and install an apk i.e., Spotify ++ apk on the device and later begin downloading songs excluding any limits.

• Premium Sound Quality-

On the premium version of spotify apk, every soundtrack is obtainable in three unique qualities like Normal, High, and Extreme. It is known that the extreme quality is identified as Premium, wherein the music operates at 320Kbps. This enhances the music listening.

• Unlimited Downloads-

It happens that if you are a Wi-fi user, there is an issue of no data connection external to the premise. During that case, this apk can resolve the problem. With the assistance of the Spotify premium app No Root, users can now download limitless songs to their device and can also listen to them during their free time.

• NO Ads-

With the help of free spotify ad free apk, there is no requirement to watch the video as well as the audio ads provided amongst the music tracks. It is certain that ads get blocked inside the premium version. This implies that there is no disturbance while you enjoy your music tracks.

• User-friendly interface-

The spotify apk premium version facilitates you with the advanced and user-friendly interface. Its developers put great efforts to make the apk as finest as possible, for the ease of users. Moreover, there are lots of shortcuts added included to improve your music experience.

• Custom Playlist-

Many music lovers have a huge list of favourite songs and so, they wish to save them within a single place. This can be done with the help of this app. Its premium version enables you to prepare any number of playlists you want. Also, you can include unlimited songs on your single playlist.

• Save Storage Space-

The approach of online streaming of the soundtracks and music is accomplished directly from the Spotify’s servers. This will let you save a great amount of storage space inside your Android device.


When you subscribe to spotify premium service, you can enjoy Spotify music offline inside the device on which you have installed Spotify app. But, if you require listening to Spotify music on the music player, it is not possible. The spotify apk does not come with an option to download the music in form of MP3 files. Due to this, people willing to use free spotify ad free apk or its premium version have asked about a method to extract MP3 from Spotify.

How to install Spotify Premium Apk?

The steps to install the app are easy, they are as below:

• First of all, remove the free version of this apk. This needs to be done if you have already have installed the app in your device.

• Now download its premium apk file from the below link:

Spotify Apk

• After these files get downloaded, install it on your Android device.

• Now launch the app and after that, prepare a new account or just log in to the existing account.

Now you are all set to enjoy your favourite songs.


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