Face Care Tips To Stay Fresh and Attractive


Face care is not only needed by women but also men. So, there’s nothing wrong if men choose to treat their faces well, as well as women you know!

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How To Take Care Of Face To Show Fresh

Your face looks dull? Less confident to meet him ? Who says take care of face to look fresh is difficult? Relax, buddy .. This time, Cruz will share tips to keep your face look fresh naturally. Let’s see the tips!

Drink a lot of water

Face Care Tips To Stay Fresh and Attractive

Do not underestimate the water, yes because the water has many benefits for our body health . One of them is to refresh the skin. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day is something that should be done to keep your skin fresh. Easy is not it? In addition, the water is also cholesterol-free and sugar so you do not need to be afraid to be fat if you drink a lot!

Clean Up Before Sleep

Face Care Tips To Stay Fresh and Attractive

Already quite tired by moving all day in outdoors? Eitss .. for you who often make up when moving outside, do not forget to diligently clean your face first before bed. Not only the freshness of your face is lost, but also the beauty can be threatened with acne! Uh ..  want your face even more unsightly?

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Do not stay up!

Face Care Tips To Stay Fresh and Attractive

Stay up late? If you don’t want your face look dull and dry every morning, you should immediately leave your late nights and sleep soon as possible , Cruz! To keep the body and mind healthy, we must still get a minimum sleep time of 8 hours. If not achieved, not only our faces that will not look fresh, but also our mood to move will be disturbed.

Regular Sports

Face Care Tips To Stay Fresh and Attractive

Another way to maintain a healthy body, especially your skin, is to exercise regularly. Because with exercise, all the toxins that are in our bodies are removed through the sweat produced. So you need to run around the house complex! Simply take your time at least 30 minutes to do simple exercise at home, you can get the freshness of your skin.

Masker With Natural Materials

Face Care Tips To Stay Fresh and Attractive

Let’s keep our skin healthy with natural ingredients! You can make a face mask with the ingredients in the house you know! Avocado? Egg whites? You choose to make your face look more fresh and fascinating! Especially if you regularly masker periodically. Waah .. feel yourself the difference in face.

Easy enough, buddy? What are you waiting for? Your face must stay fresh all day, from now on! Do not forget to drink water yes!


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