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It’s understandable how this Coronavirus pandemic has made our lives miserable. Students, as well as people with no jobs, have got nothing to do at home and the past few months have been truly hectic.

Such hurdles have made everyone lookout for their sources of entertainment. If we look at the majority, most people are relying on entertainment service providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, Sony Liv, etc. 

The use of these online platforms has skyrocketed in recent years, especially in the lockdown period.

Well, this article is focused only on helping you get free Netflix accounts and passwords. 

netflix free accounts and passwords

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most successful online entertainment platforms of all time. That’s why people end up trying almost every possible way to access Netflix and stay updated with all the latest movies & TV series.

How Much Does Netflix Cost? 

Before moving forward, I would like to show you how much does Netflix cost. As of now, there are 4 different plans (3 in most countries Basic, Standard, Premium) on Netflix. 

Mobile Plan

The mobile plan is the cheapest plan on Netflix. It costs around $5.99 per month and therefore people generally choose this plan. 

As the name suggests, this works well on mobile phones and tablets only. Besides, only 1 screen is allowed at a time. So if you’ve subscribed to this plan, it might not be a good idea to share your password with your friends.

Basic Plan

The plan costs around $8.99 per month. In my opinion, it’s not at all worthy enough. As you can see in the above pricing chart, the only extra feature it gives you is – you can use it on your TV and laptop as well. 

Standard Plan

Do you want to save money? Get this plan at $12.99 and share with 2 of your friends or siblings. In this plan, you can get 2 screens that work across all devices. Also, it supports HD resolution, which isn’t available in the Basic and Mobile plans. 

But again, the price factor makes things difficult as $12.99 is not affordable for everyone.

Premium Plan

Here comes the most expensive Netflix plan, which comes at $14.99 per month. It’s good for those who want to share their account with 4 people. 

If you share it with 4 people, you’re gonna get 4K level quality at just under $4

It offers the best features such as auto-downloading and episodes removal. Along with that, it also provides an ultra HD resolution which isn’t available in any of the other plans.

What I Hate the Most About Netflix Offical Plans?

The above plans might seem attractive but let me assure you they are not good as they seem to be. If you’re earning well, you can surely afford it. But I know very well, if you’re on this page, you’re surely a student or you haven’t started earning yet!

In the US, Netflix is mostly watched by students. So spending anywhere between $5 to $14.99 per month is the last thing any student would do. So here is the solution for all of you, go ahead, read the following sections and choose the best method as per your convenience.

6 Powerful Netflix Hacks to Get Free Accounts and Passwords

Coming to the main point of discussion, the following are a few methods that could be of great help if you’re desperately looking for a free Netflix account.

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Free Account IDs and Passwords For Netflix Premium 2021

If you’re too lazy to try the above methods, then this section may lighten up your mood. Here is a list of already existing account IDs and passwords:

{Daily Updated} Netflix Free Accounts has updated on 1st February 2021
Do Share….
[email protected]rl032972Premium
[email protected]Layka1973Premium
[email protected]Lisaxxx16!Standard
[email protected]henry0505Basic
[email protected]STRONG34holdStandard
[email protected]Neymar111Premium
[email protected]LeonOtto13Premium
[email protected]Gero2010!Standard
[email protected]141705raStandard
[email protected]puessi98Standard
[email protected]tyrone2Premium
[email protected]larissa1979Standard
[email protected]Florida2Standard
[email protected]Bristol3Premium

Make sure to log in quickly as Netflix app monitors the number of devices using a single account. If it crosses a certain limit, you won’t be able to login with that account.

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1. Use Fake Credit Cards To Get Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords

Using Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) is a great idea to get free Netflix trials. For those who don’t know what VCC is, let me tell you that VCCs are credit cards with no physical existence. This means the issuer will provide you with a credit card number and a pin for you to make payments. 

free vcc netflix

A VCC is a system-generated card. It is the safest way for online payments as it maintains a certain gap between your bank account and your credit card details. VCCs also keep your credit/debit card details and bank account credentials safe.

Netflix offers a 1-month free trial to all the new users. It uses the card details to recognize a user. So you have to create a fake VCC every month and register it with Netflix monthly. 

Yes, that does sound like a lot of hard work, but it will surely save you a lot of money.

There are many service providers where you can get a VCC for yourself. Also, there are online providers who have partnered with certain huge banks such as Neteller, Wallmart, Pioneer, etc.

Get VCC Now

Why Should You Use VCCs for Trial Periods?

  • You can create as many numbers of VCCs as you like instantly
  • Just like a prepaid card, you can make a VCC of any amount you want
  • You can cancel the card whenever you want 
  • It supports International Online Payments! (Isn’t this the best part?)
  • Also, it keeps your bank account and credit card details safe because a VCC acts as an intermediate resource 

Some exceptional websites can allow you to create fake VCCs with no credit. And in my opinion, these are the perfect cards to get free Netflix accounts and passwords.

2. Get Free Netflix Premium Account and Passwords via MOD APK

In simple words, it’s a pirated version of the Netflix app. Although it may not have the high-end features of the official Netflix app, it’s still a good alternative that can give you free Netflix accounts and passwords. 

netflix mod apk download

Netflix MOD APK comes with all the up-to-date TV shows and movies. You can watch them free of cost for as long as you like.

Having an unlimited number of screens is like a cherry on top. Isn’t it great that any number of people can use it from a single account at the same time? 

Download Netflix Mod Apk

Netflix Mod APK Features

  • Multiple languages are available
  • Has more movie collection than Netflix
  • Daily new movies and series updates
  • Each episode of a TV series or movies is available in different resolutions that allow users to select the best option 
  • No annoying ads (feature may vary in different Netflix APK MOD) 

How to Install Netflix APK MOD for Free in 2021 

Before we do that: Make sure you download the Netflix Mod APK from the link provided above, because there are many fake apps out there on the internet.

Step 1: Download the Netflix MOD APK file from the link provided. Make sure you have changed the settings in your phone to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Step 2: After downloading the APK, open the downloads folder and click on the file.

Step 3: After clicking on the file, a popup appears asking to install the app. Press OK and you’re a few seconds away from the installation. 

Step 4: Finally, the MOD APK is ready to use and you can watch any show of your choice.

3. How to Get Free Netflix Accounts Using Cookies 

Before we get a free Netflix account using cookies, I would like to tell you what cookies are. So basically, Cookies are nothing but data storage units. They contain the data sent from the different websites we surf through on our laptop.

Cookies excellently remember important data on a website that we might need later. For example, our IDs and passwords.

Try to Download Netflix Premium Cookies 

If you visit Netflix from a pc or mobile, the data or the cookie will get saved in the browser. Now… These cookies have all the important data with them that can be transferred to another mobile phone or laptop. In this case, the same account will be accessible from other devices. 

Get Latest Netflix Cookies

How to Use Netflix Premium Cookies?

  1. Search and download a cookie extension on your device. (Google Chrome is preferable)
  2. After downloading the extension, add the extension to Chrome.
  3. Open the Netflix website and try to figure out the extension you’ve just downloaded (every extension has different functioning) 
  4. Now you just have to copy the cookie into the import box and click on the tick button.
  5. The process is done and you can use your Netflix account for free as long as you want.

4. Use Coupon Codes To Get Free Netflix Account and Passwords

Wanna know one of the easiest hacks to get free access to a Netflix account? Try free Netflix coupon codes 2021. There are many coupon or promo codes available on the internet. You can never know what would work, so keep trying! 

netflix free redeemable codes

By the way, I’ve found a bunch of such codes and they’re legitimate for sure. Not all the codes will give you free access though. Some might offer a discount on the original plan, which is good enough for all of us, right?

Here are a few codes for you, enjoy!

ervix Receive 15% off your order
upons Enjoy free 6 months on your order at
NETFL Enjoy free 3 months on Netflix
13040 Enjoy free 6 months Netflix Plan
NETFLIXI Get free 3 months on Netflix
3CPNE8F5LBXT Get free 6 months with your order

If any of the above codes are not working, it means that someone might have used it already as they can be used only once. To stay updated, you can join our groups on Telegram and Facebook. 

5. Netflix Premium Account 30-days Free Trial

As you might know, Netflix gives a 30-day free trial to all of its new users. Every new credit or debit card is identified as a new customer.

So if you’re looking for free access, you may sign up with different accounts every month using different credit/debit cards to access the free trials.

Keep in mind, don’t forget to cancel the subscription before the end of your free trial. Otherwise, the money will be deducted from your card.

Get Your Netflix Free Trial

6. Netflix Account Sharing Method 

Someone said it right! “A friend in need is a friend indeed!”

You can share one Netflix account up to 5 persons where only 4 might be able to watch at the same time and each can have their own PIN to keep kids away!

This method is quite common among youngsters. Although each plan has a specific screen limit, an account can be signed in from many devices in one go. There is no extra charge for that. But, if your timings crash with your friend, then one of you might have to wait for the other to finish watching his or her show.

Are These Methods to Get Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords Are Safe?

If you have read all the above hacks, you may have a small doubt regarding the use of MOD APK. 

Yes, you’re right!  Downloading an app from an unknown source is always risky.

But trust me, links that I have provided are completely safe to download and your phone root is not necessary. Our Netflix MOD APK doesn’t ask for root permission and works across all android devices.

Final Thoughts! 

Netflix has become the best source for online entertainment. It has movies and shows that target a very large audience. In fact, not only youngsters, people of all age groups have made it so popular. 

Getting free Netflix accounts and passwords using the above methods is not wrong as all of those are technically legal. All these tricks are easy to use and they can even give you lifetime access. 

Why pay for a premium account if you can get it for free?

Also, I may have not included all the methods in this article, but whatever is included here is completely safe. The other methods are most probably illegal or if legal, they are not easy to use for non-technical people. 

Still not satisfied yet? Why don’t you go check our other articles on various sets of new tricks to get Netflix or Spotify Premium.

Have a great day ahead folks! 


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