How to Install IPTV Stalker Kodi AddOn Best Method


IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TeleVision which features delivering the TV contents over internet. Typically, the IPTV Stalker addon delivers TV data using signals based on the logical Internet Protocol. Otherwise, the TV technology uses traditional form of data transmission techniques to stream media like satellite, terrestrial, and cable signals. So, IPTV Stalker is the one stop solution for the peoples who want the IPTV on their television sets. The IPTV Stalker Addon mainly focuses on countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada and has the database of channels from these countries itself.

Install IPTV Stalker Kodi Addon

Also, you can get other various channels with the help of this Addon. So, today we are going to provide the guide on how to download and install IPTV Stalker addon and start watching favorite TV Channels. Please note that the addon is not officially supported by Kodi team, so you will not get any support ever from them. Also, if you got any problem do not contact them, instead tell about it to IPTV Stalker Addon developers.

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Kodi IPTV Stalker Addon has got lot of functionalities out there. It is a combination of TV contents streamed over the internet. This article contains step by step procedure stating about how to get IPTV on Kodi.


1. You need download the zip file at here or Mirror & saved this zip file to any location that you can finded it easy.
2. Now, open your kodi & click Add-ons
3. Click on Box icon (browser add-ons)
4.  Continue click Install from zip file
5. Select zip file that you was downloaded in first step
6.  Wait few second for this addon installed on your kodi. You will see a notification as IPTV Stalker add-ons enabled.


  1. The initial step of this process starts by opening the Kodi on your device. Once you open Kodi, you can find the home screen of Kodi. In the home screen, you can see options like video, music, programs, and system. Just navigate to System tab.
  2. After you click to open the system tab, it will open up the integrated options of System tab. It includes settings, file manager, profiles, system info, and events. Just click open the Settings option in the listed options.
  3. In the settings option, you can see many listed options like music, pictures, Weather, Add-ons, services, and system. In those options, you have to navigate to the Add-ons option and click it to open that thing.
  4. Once you open the Add-ons option, it will open up the page as if shown in the above image. In this option, you can see an option called “Install from ZIP file.” Just navigate to it and click on that option.
  5. Once you open the “Install from zip file” option, it will show your files and downloads. If the ZIP file of the IPTV stalker repo is already available, you can choose the file from where you have stored it before. The zip file of the IPTV stalker download would be like “, ” and you can get the file here. Generally, you can get the IPTV stalker kodi file from the SuperRepo repository. It is the easiest way for getting add-ons to your kodi. SuperRepo repository contains around 2, 200 Kodi add-ons that too for free.
  6. Once you click on the ZIP file “,” the IPTV stalker for Kodi will get installed. After the installation process gets over, just go back to the home screen of kodi and navigate to the Video tab on the screen. You could see two integrated options such as Files and Add-ons. Just navigate to the Add-ons option and click that thing.
  7. Once you click on open the Add-ons option, it will showcase the add-ons which are present your Kodi which you might have installed before. In those add-ons, just click open the IPTV stalker kodi 2017 add-on in the listed add-ons. This thing will open up the Add-on which you can use it for viewing the television content on your device.

How To Use IPTV Stalker Addons in Kodi

Now that we’ve got everything installed let’s test it out. Doing this is just like any addon. Browse to the VIDEOS option on the Kodi home screen and choose the sub-menu option “Add-ons”. Choose dexterTV and you should then be given access to the entire layout. To check out all the live TV just select the Live TV option and give it a whirl.

As of this writing this addon has worked amazing. In the world of IPTV plugins though that could be subject to change. If you have any problems with install or notice the addon no longer working please let us all know by providing a comment below.


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