What is Kodi? Everything You Need to Know About TV Streaming App


Kodi is an open source home theater formerly known as XBMC. This application was developed by the XBMC Foundation, as a non-profit conglomerate technology. It is a free multimedia software capable of playing various video formats and audio files.

what is kodi

Kodi App supports various image formats, audio visualizations, playlists, audio files, video files, weather forecast reports as well as third-party plugins. It works on the internet as well as home networks. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and has tax exemption.

Kodi works on different operating systems and has a 10-foot user interface for television and remote control. It makes live media files, podcasts, playlists, and other digital files from storage media. Since it provides a variety of platforms, therefore, acting as an alternative to Home Theater PC.

Initially, Kodi down was created as a media-free app known as the Xbox Media center for the Xbox game console. The code is written in C ++. the version has been used in smart TVs, embedded systems, set-top boxes, digital signage and other branch platforms.

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What is Kodi ADD-ONS?

If you install Kodi on your system, everything is still empty. There is nothing to watch or listen to. You can add your own music or videos as in most media players. What makes Kodi special is that you can also provide this player with so-called add-ons, add-ons that link websites with music, video, and information to your Kodi via your internet connection. These add-ons are not made by the makers of Kodi, but by various enthusiastic programmers who offer and maintain such a link completely free of charge.

A good example is the add-ons  Uitzending Gemist and RTL XL  made by Bas Magré. Through this add-on, he has linked the websites of UitzendingGemist.nl and RTL XL to Kodi so that you can watch your missed programs within Kodi. There are many more add-ons that connect Kodi with legally accessible video and music, such as YouTube, Dumpert, music services like Qobuz, Deezer and many more.

Everyone knows that there is also a lot of illegal content on the internet and so there are also handy programmers who have created add-ons that link Kodi with websites that illegally offer films, series, and music. Example: the add-on  123movies  that makes the offer available on the website  123movies within Kodi. There are even advanced add-ons that link the offer of multiple websites via a search engine. Exodus is a good and well-known example of this.

Kodi is the locomotive, the add-ons are the wagons that you can hang on.

Good to keep in mind:  These add-ons are separate from Kodi. So if they do not work properly, never blame Kodi or your locker. If, for example, the add-on broadcast does not miss it, there is something wrong with your internet connection, the add-on or the website of broadcast missed and not with your box.

Kodi Manual

Kodi is so extensive that it is impossible to describe all possibilities. Therefore a short guide to help you on your way. For a complete manual, you can go to the extensive Kodi Wiki.

Tip! The new Kodi 17.0 is easiest to control with the arrow keys.

After startup, Kodi can respond slowly because automatic updates are installed. Therefore, leave Kodi alone for a minute or 5 until all the updates have been carried out.

Adding own Music and Movies

You can load your entire stock of photos, music, and films in Kodi, you will probably find that. If not, on  Computer Totaal.nl you will find an extensive Dutch manual.


Let’s explore some interesting add-ons:

Broadcast Missed

A great add-on to master the work of Kodi. Click Add-ons -> Video Add-ons and search for the Missed add-on broadcast. Open Broadcast Missed and you will see a list of programs. Then it clicks and play.


For RTL broadcasts you can use the add-on RTL XL. If you are looking for more options, try the Retrospect add-on. Retrospect does not only have missed NPO broadcasts in the  National Department but also RTL, SBS6, Veronica, Eén, Canvas, and Sporza. Under Sport -> Eredivisie Live you will find a summary of Fox Sports from the Dutch, English, Belgian and Italian competitions and much more. Under  Video, you can find the film trailers from Pathé.

Films and Movies Looking Via KODI

There are various add-ons that make this possible. Keep in mind that the supply almost always comes from illegal sources. Often it is websites whose offer can be accessed through an add-on in Kodi. On these websites and the servers on which the films are stored is obviously hunted, so do not be alarmed if the streams do not work. In such a case, for example, you will receive the message  Script Error / Error in the script. Dutch subtitles will also not always be available. There is nothing to be done about that, you will have to take that for granted. Also buffering, suddenly stopping the stream are things you can encounter. If you do not want all that hassle, opt for a legal paid service such as  Netflix. The supply there may be less, but it works better and easier.

what is kodi add-on


Specto is a well-functioning add-on that is based on the now almost unusable Genesis. We have set this add-on so that films and series are automatically searched and played. The NL subtitles are also automatically loaded (if available). Child can do the laundry. Open Specto, choose Movies and then  Highlighted. You will then receive an overview of recent films. Choose something. You will see everything happen, Specto will search for sources and choose the best available quality. The film is then started including subtitling.

Is the subtitling not completely synchronous?

  • Click the OK button and then the subtitle icon to the left of the gear at the bottom right.
  • Choose  Subtitles synchronization. You then get the same scroll bar as shown above in “Synchronizing sound”. If the subtitles continue to run incorrectly,
  • Click on  Subtitles again and choose Download. The subtitle add-on then looks for alternative subtitles. Which you have to have is a matter of trying. No subtitles found? Try searching them manually. This option is on the far right of the screen. Use the name of the film and the year in parentheses. For example  World War Z (2013)  In a series, the well-known code S01E04 (season 1 episode 4) is useful.
  • We have set Specto so that the search engine searches for the sources and then automatically selects the best available source. Would you rather choose the source yourself than you can in Specto under  Tools? Settings: Play the Auto Playoff.

Sound not synchronous?  It is possible that the sound is not completely synchronized. You can solve this by clicking the OK button. Then click on the gear at the bottom right of the screen. Then choose  Sound and Subtitle Settings> Sound Synchronize and you get a bar on the screen that you can move with the arrow keys to the left or right. Usually, the sound is too early so by putting it a bit later it is quickly resolved. If it goes well, you can leave the menu via the back button.

Tip! Always close Kodi neatly via the button in the start menu!


Exodus is also a great add-on for films and series. We have set it so that the NL subtitles (if available) are automatically loaded.

Autoplay is not activated. So you get a list of sources and you can choose a suitable source yourself. Which you have to choose is difficult to say, you will learn automatically which site gives the best quality.

Tip! Take RealDebrid for Full HD, Dolby 5.1 and 4K video.

For optimal results, it is recommended to take a  RealDebrid account. You get better quality video and more with Dolby 5.1 sound in Exodus as well as in other add-ons. Even 4K films are available even though the offer is somewhat limited More about RealDebrid.


Through these add-ons, users place their lists of films and live streams. There are plenty of things, including movies in 1080p sometimes with Dolby 5.1 sound and even 4K movies.

In Phoenix, the lists of MorePower and The Alpha Reborn are recommended. They both have a stock of 4K films. For an optimal result, a RealDebrid account is recommended. More about RealDebrid.

A disadvantage may be that you have to search the NL subtitles manually.


There are many add-ons that make live watching sports possible. It is sometimes a while to find a working link but there are live streams of countless matches. Keep in mind that the image quality is usually not too good and at popular competitions, the stream can regularly buffer. That is the risk of free and illegal viewing. A few tips.


At this moment  Zem is the best add-on for free live streams. You have the Sports department within Zem. In it, you will find Sport365.live.

In the Members Area, you will find a manual under Kodi to get an optimal stream.


This add-on is a veteran but still guarantees a huge stock of sports streams. In the Live Sports department, you will find the content of various websites. Matter of trying. Livestream hunter is usually a good source.


You can not expect super quality and always smooth running streams. Cancel your cable subscription because you bought an Android box… I would not do it. The add-on  Ultimate IPTV  is a great add-on to try some live streams.


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