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Hello everybody! Are you an Android user & want certain changes made on your mobile? Do you want to remove advertisements from several apps? Are you probably a gamer & want to hack games? Want to bypass license verification? Do you also want these special powers to get such features? Well, then you don’t need to be a professional hacker or IT graduate. You just need a compact App that allows you to modify apps. Here is best app Lucky Patcher Premium Apk.

Hence, we have come up with an app known as “Lucky Patcher Premium”. This app is absolutely free & safe, so never buy this from anyone. Don’t worry; we are here to make your work easy. In this post, we will discuss Lucky Patcher, Features, Usage Guide & our reviews on this app. So, without wasting much of our time, let’s get started.

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What is Lucky Patcher?

Before starting our today’s topic, we would like you to explain what Lucky Patcher Premium is all about. Lucky Patcher Premium is an elite version of ordinary Lucky Patcher. The app is an android based tool that can modify any android app by changing permissions, blocking ads & even get free app in-purchases. The app just requires an Android platform 2.3 or above. You can get entire powers of this app if your device is rooted. However, the app is still powerful in an unrooted device. But it powers will surpass on a rooted device.

You can also know how to root an Android device by reading our blog post.

You can use Lucky Patcher Premium APK both on Android as well as PC. For using this on PC, you might need Emulators. You may read about BlueStacks for using this app on PC.

About Lucky Patcher Premium:

 App Name  Lucky Patcher Premium
 Latest Version  7.3.8
 Recently Updated on  2nd August 2018
 App Size  4.64 MB
 App Developer  Chelpus
 Official Website
 Ratings  4.75 out of 5 Stars
 Requirement  Android 2.3 or above
 Total Downloads  500 Million+

Features of Lucky Patcher Premium:

  • Custom Patch
  • Removes Google Ads
  • Patch License Verification(LVL) Emulation
  • Modify permissions of apps
  • Patch any possible app using Hex String
  • Remove License Verification
  • Patch in-app purchases emulation
  • Creation of modifying APK after patching

These were the basic features in Lucky Patcher. Features of Lucky Patcher don’t end over here. There are few more useful tools in the app as follows:

  • Clone any app
  • Disable or freeze an app
  • Move an app to the system directory
  • Restore App
  • Remove any saved purchases
  • Backup data
  • Move apps to external SD Card

However few of the features are available only on the rooted device. Whether you want to modify an app or just remove ads this Patcher is a useful tool. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy in order to use it. Even a beginner can use it, just follow our guidance.

How can Lucky Patcher help you in modifying an app?

  • Bypass License Verification: Premium apps are usually paid ones. We try to get it for free & download apps from external links but license verification points out “Purchase not Verified”. But by using Lucky Patcher, you can bypass this License Verification & use your premium app.
  • App Backup: Got a few apps but there’s a storage issue. You want to uninstall a few apps, but few are paid ones or modified ones. Why not backup it? Use this app to back up this app & install it according to your wish.
  • Modify App: Modify an app & revive its modified version. Use its multiple features for removing ads or removing the license, etc.
  • No Root Access Required: The app usually doesn’t need a root access. But few of the features need root access. Even without root, the app is yet powerful.
  • Unlimited In-App purchases: Lucky Patcher changes purchase value to “ZERO=0”. And anything multiple to zero means zero i.e. void. You can buy unlimited stuff on games or apps easily. Especially gamers will love this feature.

How to Install Lucky Patcher APK?

Firstly, you need to download this app. We have provided the download tab below. Just click on it & download the APK file. The installation is simple & easy.

Official Version

NOTE: Check whether “Allow Unknown App Installation” is enabled or not. If not, then enable it.

If you didn’t understand what we mean, follow our steps as follows:

Go to Settings > Security > Locate “Unknown App Installation” > Enable it or Turn it on!


Once you have enabled Unknown Installation you are ready to go (By this we mean if you have performed our NOTE, then you are ready to go).

  • Simply download Lucky Patcher Premium APK from our website.
  • Install the APK
  • Wait till installation completes
  • Once the installation is done, you are the new Hakai-Sin (God in Japanese) of your mobile apps. Just Kidding!

Now, you have installed Lucky Patcher Premium APK. But installing isn’t enough, you need to know how to perform several steps.

Modify any app possible:

  • Open Lucky Patcher
  • Locate your app & tap on it > Open Menu of Patches

  • Tap on “Create Modified APK File”

  • Tap on Apk rebuilt & select what you want to modify.


  • Select Rebuild App

  • If patches are applied you will be notified by “CONGRATS” & if the patch wasn’t successful you will be notified “Patch couldn’t be applied or failure”, something like that.
  • If a patch was successful, Tap on “Go to”.

  • Tap on Uninstall & Install

  • Done!

Remove Ads:

Tap on the app > Open Menu of Patches > Remove Google Ads > Patch to Remove Ads > Apply

You can also have a try on PC if you feel insecure using this on your mobile! The app is absolutely safe but you will not find this app on Play store. Lucky Patcher supports a wide variety of apps & games but it’s not possible to cover every app, so there are exceptional apps too. Few apps & games won’t be hacked or patched by Lucky Patcher.


This was Lucky Patcher Premium App. The app is absolutely free & safe with powerful tools. Modify any app possible. However there are limitations to this app too, every app won’t be hacked. Lucky Patcher gets updated frequently so you must check external links monthly to find the latest one. But any version is enough to perform basic tasks. We would recommend you this app to at least have a try on it.

That’s all for today if you have any query, doubts or problem feel free to ask us via Comment Section. We will try to reach you as soon as possible. So today’s post was all about Lucky Patcher Premium APK. We will be back with much more interesting topics, till that “Goodbye & STAY TUNED!”.



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