7 Best Online Tools to Monitor Your Site Uptime


When browsing the Internet, every millisecond is a valuable time when loading information from a page. Monitoring site uptime is important to know when your site is downtime.

The internet world is a world of speed and therefore, when a slow site loads information it is likely that users will leave and stop visiting.

This factor should not be ignored, in addition to ensuring public loyalty, uptime and site speed are also the most important SEO criteria for search engines.

Uptime and speed is the time it takes the site to load its elements as the deciding factor for privileges or not in search.

There are several factors that hinder the fast navigation on the page. From large images that result in slow website loading.

Excessive script code in theme and unnecessary plugin usage will hinder loading of a web page. So it will make CPU hosting performance heavy and cause the site down.

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What is uptime?

There are several tools to track the uptime of a website. This, uptime refers to the availability of the server, i.e the time remains active for users and administrators to use the site.

There are some of the most common tools used to monitor site uptime for free. It is up to you to determine which features are appropriate to monitor your site every time in real time.

Best 7 Tools to Monitor Website Uptime

1. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is one of the most popular tools to monitor site and server uptime. One of the highlights of Uptime Robot is the possibility of using servers in multiple locations, including servers in India.

tools to monitor website uptime

In addition to recorded uptime, Uptime Robot also records the response time, also checks the server stability performance. With datacenter in Indonesia, the results are much closer to users accessing hosted sites in our country.

This tool is available in two modes, free and paid. It is possible to configure Uptime Robot to monitor the server every 5 minutes through 50 monitors, without paying anything for it.

Records can be stored for 2 months and for 1 year in paid versions, offering additional such as SMS notifications and shorter monitoring intervals.

If you pay to install UptimeRobot on your site and track the uptime promised by your hosting company .

2. Pingdom Server-Monitor

Another service to monitor the uptime of an already popular site is Pingdom . This tool allows you to monitor visitor activity to the site in real time, as well as perform data analysis.

monitor websites uptime

It also calculates the time it takes for each page to load the site’s speed, from the user experience.

The Pingdom tool also detects site speeds from different countries, provides the most accessed pages and traffic sources and can tell which browser to use.

Pingdom has enough technology to offer the best support for those who want to optimize the site. Everything you can use for free to monitor site uptime in the easiest way.

3. GTMetrix

Some people consider this site as a site speed test tool only, because the site is quite popular. But when your site down, then this tool will display the server error display.

tools to monitor website uptime

GTmetrix  is a good online tool in monitoring your site’s uptime with easy-to-understand graphics.

Just enter the link in GTmetrix, then this tool will scan the entire site in minutes. There is a rating from “A” to “F”, “A” being the highest and “F” most problematic.

Here you can enter up to four sites to analyze better results, in terms of SEO as well as the use of code on the blog that loads the loading time of your site.

4. StatusCake

StatusCake is another tool to monitor site uptime. In addition to monitoring the site, it also calculates the uptime of your web and / or mobile applications.

best tool to monitor sites uptime

Among the differences are graphic presentations at page speeds computed with nominal ten, twenty or fifty people accessing the site simultaneously.

This tool is a great tool for you who want to improve your blog or website for better performance. If you choose a paid version, you will have the full feature to analyze your site.

5. Monitor AppBeat

AppBeat Monitor is a paid solution to monitor website uptime or online services. This tool makes it possible to measure the key indicators of site performance by providing links from any site in the world.

tools to monitor website uptime

The variables analyzed are the connection time as well as the time taken to load the first byte and the total load time of the site.

6. Monitis

Monitis is a TeamViewer (remote) service, and works like a site uptime service mentioned above in a paid way.

tools to monitor website uptime

The minimum amount to pay for using this tool is $ 12 per month, something that may seem overpriced to Indonesian users.

If you really need sophisticated tools to monitor your site uptime professionally, consider using a site like Monitis.

7. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is a free service to check out a website and test the speed of a web page. Unlike other services, WebPageTest does not continue to monitor this site, but tests the availability and performance of the site right away.

tools to monitor website uptime

Because the service is free and open source, you need to try to check the speed of your site. And of course you can see what can be improved through the analysis graph.


With so many options to monitor site uptime , there’s no reason not to use it. So you can find out the time of downtime and uptime of your site.

You can try all those tools to see which one will bring the best results for your site.


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