How To Optimize WordPress Images With Lazy Load


In the previous article I discussed about Ultimate Guide to Start WordPress Site [2017 updated] and now I will explain more detail about what is lazy loading, how to work WITH lazy load and Will provide tutorial for one of lazy loading plugin.

How To Optimize WordPress Images With Lazy Load

By using the lazy loading plugin on your WordPress site it will have a big impact on the speed of your website. This plugin is very necessary if you have a website that has a lot of content. Especially content with lots of pictures. Many large sites use lazy loading techniques on their websites to quickly load the website by users despite having many images, as images are content larger than text.


You need to know that visitors are very unhappy with a slow site. There is even a study that says a 1 second delay when web page load time can result in 7% conversion loss, 11% fewer page views. 16% lower customer satisfaction.

One of the causes that make a site slow is an image, because images spend a lot of time loading on your site compared to other types of content. If you add multiple images to your articles, then each image will increase the page load time on your site.

There are several ways you can optimize images to load faster like compressing image sizes before uploading, and using CDN services. But unfortunately to use the CDN service you have to pay a fee. If you use a CDN service then combined with lazy load then it will be a perfect mix and your site will load very quickly.


Lazy load works by simply loading the image on the page section that appears on your browser screen only. Other images that are at the bottom will only be shown if you have scroll and meet the position of the page containing the image.

If you do not use lazy load then when you load the page. There all the images will be displayed for you and this is what makes the load the site feels heavier.


The first thing you need to do is install and enable BJ Lazy Load Plugin . For more details, see the complete guide on how to install WordPress plugin.

Once your plugin is enabled, you need to configure the plugin in the Settings menu> BJ Lazy Load . This plugin has very simple settings and even beginners WordPress users can do it. Because it only needs to enable and disable options to your liking.

How To Optimize WordPress Images With Lazy Load

You can apply lazy load to content, text widgets, post thumbnails, gravatar, images, and iframes. You can also upload an image to be a placeholder image.

This plugin also has the option to display a low resolution version of the placeholder image. To use this feature, you need to update the image size. Resulting in a low res version for all the images you have uploaded previously.

If your configuration is done, do not forget to click the save changes button to save your settings.

You can now visit your site to see your pictures loaded by lazy load which will only load images when images are visible on the screen.

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And that’s the full explanation of lazy load and how to use lazy load in WordPress. Hopefully this article is useful for you and make your WordPress site faster when loaded even though a lot of image content. good luck????


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