Whats The Problem with Kiss Cartoon and Will it Come Back Up


I love Kiss cartoon, it’s so much better than Netflix and has way more variety than Netflix, which keeps pulling shows off, and some of my favorite shows have disappeared from My List, which is disappointing.

This isn’t about Netflix though, this is about Kiss cartoon. This was the best cartoon-watching website I’ve ever come across and I prefer this site to YouTube (I never ever want to use that site again for anything!) I mean Kiss cartoon could be better, there are some missing cartoons like “Bali,” “Street Football/Foot 2 Rue,” “Foot 2 Rue Extreme” (preferably the English version is available, “Samsam,” “Ricky Sprocket: Showbiz Kid,” “Handy Manny” and “Staines Down Drains.”

kiss cartoon

What I also don’t like is not every episode to all the cartoons is available (such as “King,” the cartoon with Russel Wright, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” (the episode I’d like to see is “Not So Loud,” and “Bonkers,” missing episodes: 55-61)

Another thing, I cannot use my “Cartoons Unlimited” App which plays cartoons based from KissCartoon (I almost want to recommend this app but now this Kiss cartoon is out, there’s almost no point in doing so. Plus the app can be frustrating to use and can take long to load or crash.)

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I hope Kiss cartoon comes back in some manner, shape or form, or gets upgraded, I miss using that site and it was one of the few cartoon sites I trusted. It’s not perfect and could be better but it was the best cartoon site I was using (there’s also toon.is, I use that for cartoons/ episodes unavailable on Kiss cartoon)

It’s not Like I use kiss Cartoon to work on my reviews and that Everytime look episodes on YouTube I get nothing. If you don’t know kiss Cartoon is a popular website in which Various Cartoons are Uploaded and you can watch them for free

Apparently, because 2016 Wants to be even more Shitty than it already is, Kiss Cartoon is down. So that means I can’t work on a lot of reviews right now, Even though it can also be interpreted As something good Since I was about to review legends of Chamberlain Heights.

This sucks because there are so many shows I want to review that aren’t on Netflix or even YouTube, And kiss Cartoon has a bunch of them, But now I can’t watch them, And it sucks even bigger for me because I’m not in the US so many shows don’t get imported to where I’m in.

Why Is Kiss Cartoon Always Down?

There are downsides to using illegal sites like Kiss Cartoon. Due to high traffic, they’re often reported down or slow. Unlike legitimate businesses that devote lots of money and resources to staying up, pirate sites often get bogged down in traffic. And when a company or artist makes a copyright strike against them, they just pack up and move to another address.

Many ask if Kiss Cartoon’s site is legal on Yahoo Answers: The most popular answer is as follows…

“The unauthorized uploading of (unchanged) media owned or copyrighted by others is illegal, whether it’s for profit or not and no matter whether they state that they don’t own the media. However, Kiss Cartoon’s policy states that all videos on their site are not actually uploaded to their site and are simply linked to their site from other sources by it’s users.

I don’t know if this still makes Kiss Cartoon completely immune to copyright strikes but it might explain why they haven’t been taken down yet, because if anyone were to try to sue them they would just say that their users are the ones posting copyrighted material or that so-and-so site posted it and we just link it together. 

But you don’t need to worry about being arrested for watching it. If anything, the site and it’s uploaders would be in trouble. EDIT: Hopefully this helps and if you have more questions I’d be willing to answer them if I can.

Where to Watch Your Favorite Cartoons for Free … Legally!

Want to do the right thing and keep your computer from getting some horrible virus? Here’s a list of popular cartoons and where you can watch them — legally! — for free.

watch cartoon legally kiss cartoon alternative

How To Watch And Download Cartoons From Kiss Cartoon

Kiss Cartoon link has been changed from Kiss Cartoon to Kim Cartoon, There are many fake links on many websites. We have come across all links and finally From Yahoo answer we have found the working Kim Cartoon Link.

Kim Cartoon

Click on the movie link to open it. Below the video, you’ll see a series of links (1920×1080, 1280×720, etc). These are the different sizes to the videos. The bigger the numbers, the larger the frame size will be. I recommend 1280 as a good one. Note that you’ll need to create an account on kiss cartoon to be able to use these links. 

Right-click the link of your choice and click “Save link as”, then save it wherever you want. After it downloads you’re good to go.

Kim Cartoon

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Best Sites To Watch Cartoon Legally Kiss Cartoon Alternative

Over the River – The Crazy World of Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is one of the most popular cartoons on television. It is understandable why kids and adults alike would want easier access to binge watch this show. It is a great mix of science fiction and comedy, following the misadventures of the mad scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his grandson Morty Smith.

Kiss Cartoon Alternative

If you don’t have cable TV, and don’t want to wait for Cartoon Network to come out with new episodes, Hulu is a great place to watch. Keep track of the antics that go on within the cartoon. Can you keep up with the characters other dimensions selves? You are also able to watch these episodes on adultswim.com. Unfortunately, AdultSwim only has the third season available.

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South Park has been known to take on making fun of politicians and celebrities alike. There are even star appearances within the show; Britney Spears, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and more. Have a favorite season? Maybe a favorite movie? Hulu has them all! So let’s travel through the woods of South Park to see what trouble we can get into!

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To the Crystal Gems We Go! — Steven Universe

LET’S START THIS SLIGHTLY LACKLUSTER TWO YEAR PAGE ANNIVERSARY WITH A STEVEN ART SPAM <3(art by kaboom! comic studios!) Steven Universe- To The Crystal Gems We Go

Posted by Steven Universe’s Universe on Sunday, March 19, 2017

Everyone’s favorite Crystal Gem in training has been found on Hulu! Follow Steven as he discovers what his powers are through the help of his friends Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet, the magical, humanoid Crystal Gems. He helps protect the world from other Gems who seek to destroy it. Hulu has four seasons of Steven Universe within its arsenal. If you’re a follower of the Gems and Steven, then head on over to binge on all your favorite episodes.

Seasons of Steven Universe

Cartoon Network Season 1 Steven Universe : Not only on Hulu, but you can find five seasons of Steven Universe on CartoonNetwork.com. Cartoon Network has all your favorite shows and is free to watch cartoons online. Looking for your favorite episodes? Look no further!

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I’ll Bring the Popcorn if You Bring the Shows

It’s easy to find the shows that you want to watch on sites like Hulu, CartoonNetwork, Netflix and more. From shows like Rick and Morty to South Park. You’re able to binge watch all your favorites for free from the comfort of your lounge chair, bed, desk or wherever you lounge. With KissCartoon being illegal, it’s easier to go to sites where you know you’ll be able to watch cartoons online. Enjoy your favorites without worries that you will get in trouble. Bring your popcorn, curl up in your favorite spot with a friend or by yourself, and enjoy that show you’ve been wanting to binge on.


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