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There is ‘n’ number of times when I feel like throwing my phone because of its slow speed. Its quite easy to change and buy a new phone but I don’t do this. As we have looked up, searching through the internet to find the best way to resolve the problem. If you want to expand your device RAM and you have a rooted phone then using RAM ROESOFT Expander apk is the best application software.

As a result, we get multiple alternatives to resolve it or to fix it but, one of the solutions is to expand the RAM. However, this needs a rooted phone in which you need to have the permission to alter your phone all together inside. We are here with a RAM expanding solution for people with a rooted device. You must try this out if you are having a rooted device.

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A memory manager with a click. As more memory will enable smooth functioning of a phone Roehsoft expander provides you the same and this will lead to expanded memory, as a result, the background task will not get terminated automatically and many programs will work correctly.

Many devices face problems regarding games as it requires a lot of memory, and fixes the problem RAM EXPANDER they can play games on their device but the device wouldn’t be able to start such Apps. Now no more out of memory! And no more memory is full!


  • Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB (system limit)
  • Free SD card memory as a RAM use (SWAP RAM/SWAP MEMORY)
  • No limit on the SWAP partition.
  • Widget for PNP swap(swap on/swap off)
  • The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with SD card from class-8
  • Detailed memory information & analysis.
  • Swappiness kernel parameter set
  • Supporting all Android devices(root access and kernel swap support)
  • Easy foolproof use(1 click optimization and automatic calculation )


Do not buy this App without device check with memory Info & swap file check!!!

3.64 Swap file priority will now be used. Pokemon profile added, players from this game should only use this profile, because we set here major different values in the kernel. Play store BUG Detection added which bring you to the how-to for your device.3.64 CM13 compatible (Android 6.0.1) 3.64 Android 7 update.

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is better than any other device in working. Why so? ROEHSOFT RAM expander has the support of / featured with a widget at lightning speed and extended memory.


  • Custom Kernel version with SWAP Support
  • SD Card minimum of Class 4
  • Rooted Device
  • No Partition required


  • New widget looks.
  • Swap file Creation Speedup.
  • Some Speed Optimization.


 App Name  Roehsoft RAM Expander(SWAP)
 Developer  ROEHSOFT
 Latest Version  3.64
 Last Updated  11th March 2017
 App Size  2.9 MB
 Release Date  31st Jan 2012
 App Version  4.4 Star out of 5
 Total Downloads  50 K Downloads


Roehsoft Ram Apk


  • Install the App
  • Allow Root Permission & Select language
  • Use the SWAPFILE option & select partition (Example: 250 MB)
  • Use swappiness option: You can control the kernel version behavior, higher the value the more is outsourced.
  • Tick AUTORUN & SWAP ACTIVE option.
  • That’s it!


  • Take a backup of the app
  • Uninstall the application
  • Check out the SD Card whether SWAP FILE is deleted or not. If not, delete it.
  • Perform a reboot
  • Reinstall the app


Never delete the SWAP FILE before uninstalling the app. Make a backup app & uninstall it, then you may delete SWAPFILE. This caution is important.


ROEHSOFT RAM Expander apps create virtual memory similarly like Windows OS does while low memory. The performance might be probably slower than real RAM, however, allows more memory usage than the actual Physical RAM. Installing this app doesn’t mean that your mobile performance will increase. Overall virtual memory will not perform as good as actual RAM. But, this app can allow you to run more apps that would result in better multitasking.

We would recommend you to check your device compatibility before using this app. Because there might be problem faced if you haven’t checked compatibility. Also, using RAM expander app may introduce or cause few glitches & errors but rarely. The benefit & risk both are equal, so checking device compatibility will reduce the risk factor.

NOTE: Sometimes the app won’t work on your phone even though it’s compatible. Don’t Worry! Just Restart your phone & try again.

 Factors  Ratings
 Design  5 out of 10
 Usability  8 out of 10
 Performance  8 out of 10
 Features  6 out of 10


This was all about ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER Apk. Overall the app is powerful, easy & simple. Comparing this with another RAM expander the partition method over here is easy as compared to other apps. You may use this app to perform Multi-Tasking. Also, for better Ram management. We are again saying that RAM Expander won’t give you additional RAM; it will only give you virtual memory for multi-tasking. One more thing, we are not responsible for any damage if caused to your phone. The above post is just for information purpose. The benefits & risk remains on you. So, that’s all for today, we will be back with much more interesting topics, till that “GOODBYE & STAY TUNED!”.


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