Wazzap Migrator Paid APK – Full Version Download


Wazzap Migrator paid apk used to transfer your WhatsApp history from iPhone to Android WazzapMigrator is an amazing app with in-depth tutorial that provides everything you need. It isn’t perfect, but ~97.3% of my messages are transferred. Transferred content like “left group” or changed number is classified as normal message. And media import is not reliable but at least some works. Honestly this app is still remarkable considering neither WhatsApp, Samsung not Apple support this.

Wazzap Migrator Paid APK - Full Version Download

Just switched from iPhone to Android? Don’t worry, you can move your WhatsApp history (texts and images) to your brand new Android phone.


– Import messages and emoji
– Import pictures, audio, video, documents, place, and people
– even if already sold / Older ones to work with, make sure you are backing up your PC / Mac iTunes


– worrying about privacy? when installing take a look at the app’s permission: it has no permission to access the internet, so you can be sure your data absolutely can’t leave your device


– In-app support line: Just tap Settings – Contact me> and I’ll be there to help you (answer: 24h max), so you can make sure that you can not leave your device so you have absolutely no permission to access the Internet.

Wazzap Migrator Paid APK – Full Version Download

  File Name:   Wazzap Migrator pro apk [Patched]
  Download Version of the Application:


  Price:   Free
  Requires Android:
  4.0 and up
  Downloads:   100,000+

Wazzap Migrator 



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