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Coupon Cruz Netflix Winners List (Ended at 8th February 2021)
NameEntries Claim
userLogo Mac Cheese35Emailed
userLogoKarma Brother35Emailed
userLogoBahaa Aldin35Emailed
userLogo Alexandre35Emailed
userLogoPaulo Gabriel35Emailed
userLogoDiogo Alejandro35Emailed
userLogo João Paulo Carmona Soares35Emailed
userLogo Nayara35Emailed
userLogo Gabriela35Emailed
userLogo Hatem35Emailed
userLogo Milana35Emailed
userLogo Carlos35Emailed
userLogo Gabriela Navarro Sartori35Emailed
userLogo Soliany Peters35Emailed
userLogo Erasmo Victor 35Emailed
userLogo Michelle35Emailed
userLogo Vitória Manuela Barros35Emailed
userLogo Mariana Eloisa Santos35Emailed
userLogo Lorena30Emailed
userLogo Marcos Aurelio Santos Oliveira30Emailed
userLogo Lany30Emailed
userLogo Emerson Caua30Emailed
userLogo Dybala30Emailed
userLogo Victor Mendonça30Emailed
userLogo Johalissons25Emailed
userLogo Cadeira Resérvie25Emailed
userLogo Maria25Emailed
userLogo Thainara25Emailed
userLogo Vinícius25Emailed
userLogo Bob25Emailed
userLogo Bernardo25Emailed
userLogo Mila Farias25Emailed
userLogo Wanderson20Emailed
userLogo Germana Silva20Emailed
userLogo Lilika20Emailed
userLogo Anwer20Emailed
userLogo Sérgio Hayden20Emailed
userLogo Nassh5Emailed
userLogo Carol5Emailed
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  • Claimed: We successfully have given the Netflix login details to the winners. You can even check the screenshot proof of login details that we gave to them.

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Overall List with Proof Attached (Updated on 1st February 2021)
userLogo weiwaJakarta JK Indonesia✉ Claimed
userLogo justinbjChennai TN India✉ Claimed
userLogo vaibhavi saralayKannur KL India✉ Claimed
userLogo arshSurrey BC Canada✉ Claimed
userLogo Pranit ChavanPune MH India✉ Claimed
userLogo Calista GarciaDallas✉ Claimed
userLogo Jhedyl Seline Dela VegaTanay, Rizal✉ Claimed
userLogo Jayng OcheaLos Angeles, California✉ Claimed