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Coupon Cruz Spotify Giveaway Winners List (Ended at 18th February 2021)

Name Entries Claim
userLogo Revxelio45Emailed
userLogo Ana Flávia45Emailed
userLogo Maike Nascimento Da Silva45Emailed
user Walyson Vieira45Emailed
userLogo Natalia45Emailed
userLogo Gustavo Henrique Dos Santos45Emailed
userLogo Isaque45Emailed
userLogo Juan Gabriel40Emailed
userLogo Xaverio40Emailed
userLogo Karol Riaños40Emailed
userLogo Ameera Adzha40Emailed
userLogo Juu40Emailed
userLogo Mayra40Emailed
userLogo Mokke40Emailed
userLogo Armando Matos35Emailed
userLogo GrigoPetrov35Emailed
userLogo Geovanny Acetty35Emailed
userLogo Abelardo Luiz35Emailed
userLogo Ana Clara30Emailed
userLogo Heitor Carneiro Macêdo30Emailed
userLogo Nicolas30Emailed
userLogo Kenia Barbosa30Emailed
userLogo Carol25Emailed
userLogo Ain Afrina25Emailed
userLogo Farah25Emailed
userLogo Samuel25Emailed
userLogo Nayara25Emailed
userLogo Alexssandro Belarmino Agostinho20Emailed
userLogo Amanda20Emailed
userLogo Laís Moreira15Emailed
userLog Gabriel15Emailed
userLogo Bruna Virgínia10Emailed
userLogo Guilherme Marinho10Emailed
userLogo Marte10Emailed
userLogo Ana Beatriz10Emailed
userLogo Mylle10Emailed
userLogo Marcela5Emailed
userLogo Sarah Cavalcante5Emailed
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  • Claimed: We successfully have given the Spotify premium login details to the winners. You can even check the screenshot proof of login details that we gave to them.

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