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Coupon Cruz Spotify Giveaway Winners List (Ended at 14th May 2021)

Name Entries Claim
userLogo Guilherme40Emailed
userLogo Trem40Emailed
userLogo Valentina40Emailed
userLogo Andre Dias40Emailed
user Kathleen Wayand40Emailed
userLogo Matheus40Emailed
userLogo Estela40Emailed
userLogo Lucas40Emailed
userLogo Yoon40Emailed
userLogo Davi35Emailed
userLogo Luis Paulo35Emailed
userLogo Tagwa35Emailed
userLogo Karen Costa35Emailed
userLogo Luv35Emailed
userLogo Bia35Emailed
userLogo Reinoldo Davi35Emailed
userLogo Tiago Luiz30Emailed
userLogo Mariana30Emailed
userLogo Ana Lorena Vilar30Emailed
userLogo Alice30Emailed
userLogo Michael Marquez30Emailed
userLogo Daniel30Emailed
userLogo Jay30Emailed
userLogo Andressa25Emailed
userLogo Arthur Augustinho25Emailed
userLogo Maria Eduarda25Emailed
userLogo Chris25Emailed
userLogo Gabriel Felipe25Emailed
userLogo Dailane De Souza25Emailed
userLogo Rebeca25Emailed
userLogo Manon20Emailed
userLog Eduardo20Emailed
userLogo Samira20Emailed
userLogo Beatriz20Emailed
userLogo Bruno15Emailed
userLogo Felipe15Emailed
userLogo Yassin15Emailed
userLogo David15Emailed
userLogo Vanessa5Emailed
userLogo Kelly5Emailed
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  • Claimed: We successfully have given the Spotify premium login details to the winners. You can even check the screenshot proof of login details that we gave to them.

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