Are you trying to know how to get a free Crunchyroll premium account in 2024? Well, that’s not a big deal. You just need to seek the right sources.

Crunchyroll is one of the best websites for streaming Manga, Anime, and East Asian content. If you’re an anime lover, you surely need one.

I know you have no money to buy a Crunchyroll Premium Account. Just like you, I once didn’t have. So I became rebellious and found ways to crack it for free. 

So here are my methods that would help you know how to get a free Crunchyroll Premium Account in 2024. 

How Much Does Crunchyroll Premium Cost?

The cost of the subscription varies from country to country. It costs $6.99 to $7.99 for a month in the US, and yearly it costs $79.99. Whereas in Canada, it costs $4.99 to $6.50 monthly and $64.99 yearly. 

crunchyroll price

To stop wasting such a big amount, we’re here with legit ways to solve your problem – how to get Crunchyroll premium free of cost. 

Let’s look at these methods one-by-one!

How to Get Free Crunchyroll Premium Account in 2024

There are several methods you can get yourself a Crunchyroll Premium account for free these days and trust me these methods we are gonna show today are 100% working and legit.

CouponCruz Crunchyroll Giveaway is Real

Are you tired of copy-pasting the usernames and passwords that you found online and later you realize it’s just a spam combinations?

Well, you have come to the right place. Because CouponCruz is giving out Crunchyroll Premium accounts that were actually bought from the official website so that you don’t have to worry about whether it’s gonna work or not. It will work 100%, if it doesn’t work for some crazy reason, we will give you replace account instantly.

crunchyroll premium free

We are giving out 40 Crunchyroll premium accounts every weekend to the 40 peoples we randomly select from the CouponCruz Crunchyroll account giveaway contest.

CouponCruz Free Crunchyroll Premium Account Giveaway January 2024 (International)

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Participate in CouponCruz Crunchyroll Giveaway

How to Participate & Win Crunchyroll Giveaway

No nonsense survey or ads we require, all you need to do is just sign up or login using your email to participate in CouponCruz giveaway, you can also use Facebook or Google if you are lazy like me.

Now once you have done that, you are officially entered in the CouponCruz giveaway contest and now it’s time to add entries to make sure you win the Crunchyroll premium account, just follow the below steps:

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Coupon Cruz Crunchyroll Winners List (Ended at 2nd January 2024)
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To claim your Disney+ Account login details, you can contact us using the following ways.

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For Those Who Haven’t Won the CouponCruz Disney Plus Contest

Don’t worry if you didn’t win the free Crunchyroll premium giveaway contest on CouponCruz.

You can try joining the contest next week and there are no limitations in that. The possibility of the winning here on CouponCruz is always higher, hence make sure you bookmark this page and come regularly for the surprise.

If you’re still not that lucky as me LoL. You can follow the below methods and tricks to get free Crunchyroll accounts without having to win the giveaway.

Buy Crunchyroll Premium (Personal Account) for Cheap on CouponCruz

I hope you already got yourself a free Crunchyroll account by using the giveaway contest but there are still some peoples out there who are so unlucky like I was one time who still facing troubles on getting Crunchyroll premium.

For those peoples, here we are to help you again. You can simply buy the official Crunchyroll Premium account for your own use and you can add upto 4 members using that account as your wish.

Official Crunchyroll Price:
$9.99/month – Crunchyroll Plan Price
Our Crunchyroll Premium Price:
For Just $3/month, Crunchyroll Plan Price.

How to buy a cheap Crunchyroll Premium subscription?

Just text us like “I want cheap Crunchyroll Premium Subscription on CouponCruz” on Facebook Messenger or Instagram or Email US

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Tip: You can also buy the Crunchyroll premium subscription yearly plan for crazy cheap. Let us know in the chat.

9 Methods to Get a Free Crunchyroll Premium Account.

Although there are various methods to get a Crunchyroll Premium Account for free, every method doesn’t work properly. But hey, no need to worry about it because we’re only gonna recommend those that actually work. 

Here we go! 

1. How to Get Free Crunchyroll Premium Account Using MOD APK? 

One of the legit ways to obtain a free Crunchyroll premium account is with the help of MOD APK. Using the Crunchyroll MOD APK on your phone, you can get a premium account for free. 

crunchyroll premium apk

In fact, the MOD APK will also remove ads. So basically, it can let you download and stream Manga, Anime, anything you like on your phone for free. 

What is Crunchyroll MOD APK – Is It Safe?

Crunchyroll MOD APK allows its users to stream Anime for free. The MOD APK doesn’t rely on the original app for its working. In case if the original server is down, you won’t be able to access the original Crunchyroll app. 

If you have our MOD on your phone, you can stream HD quality shows and movies without any disturbance. 

MODs are not always safe. Be extra cautious while installing a MOD from unknown sources or websites, they may steal your private information. So, while allowing permission, read well before clicking that tiny “hurry up” button.

Things to remember while installing Crunchyroll MOD APK:

  • Make sure the website you download your MOD from is HHPS and not HTTP
  • Never share your card details on any website
  • Don’t put your residential address 

Crunchyroll MOD APK features

Let’s have a look at the prominent features which our MOD is gonna give you. You may not believe this but it’s extremely similar to the original Crunchyroll app.


Many websites and apps lack a responsive design. Crunchyroll MOD users don’t face this problem. The layout of the app is attractive and it’s easily navigable. Choosing from different genres of Anime and Manga becomes even much easier. 

Updates about the shows

New uploads on the app are pretty quick. It takes just an hour after the show’s airing. So, don’t wait for days to watch the show. Catch up instantly with the Crunchyroll Premium MOD APK. 


On Crunchyroll, you can find about 950 channels. Yes, that’s a huge list. You can choose from different channels and any category. Shows like Naruto, Bleach, and many others have gone viral during the pandemic. All these shows are found on Crunchyroll MOD as well. So enjoy your weekend’s binge-watching Animes & have fun!

Device compatibility

You can use the MOD on PC, tablet, iOS, and Android. Believe it or not, Crunchyroll MOD is a device compatible app, which allows you to stream on your television as well. 

Most MODs don’t work properly on TV but Crunchyroll MOD APK features are well designed and it works perfectly on TV without any issues.

No Ads

Ads are irritating and they often turn you off when they pop in the middle of a thriller scene. These ads ruin the vibe and sometimes it’s annoying to watch ads after every 10-15 minutes. 

Now the interesting part of the MOD APK is – it has a disable ads feature so that you can watch your anime shows without any interruption.


We’re concerned about quality. Even if the server is slow, our MOD APK lets users stream high-quality videos without any issues. It doesn’t depend on which device you stream, you can expect quality streaming all day long.

2. Join the Anime Groups & Forums

There are several anime groups and forums that mostly post about Anime and East Asian content. Most of these groups post free Crunchyroll premium memberships. Joining these groups and being a consistent member can help you grab a premium Crunchyroll account for free.

There is a special group named ‘Reformed Animehub.’ This group posts several anime stuff and also gives free guest passes for Crunchyroll Premium at times. 

If you join the group and contribute now and then, the chances of grabbing a free guest pass for Crunchyroll premium are quite high.  

Most probably, you can grab this opportunity on Facebook groups and Anime forums. 

Having an Anime forum account can be an advantage. Being a member of the Anime forum, you can get a chance to win a Crunchyroll premium account for free. 

Once you get entry to these official forums, you can request and get free guest passes for the Crunchyroll premium account. 

Before using these free passes, don’t skip rules as they have strict ones that are to be followed at all times. On forums, you can also learn many other not yet discovered ways to get a free Crunchyroll premium account in 2024. 

Crunchyroll subreddit is also one of the ways to get a free premium account. You can find people distributing the guest passes. 

There’s just one catch! Before applying for these passes, read all the rules carefully because sometimes you might not be eligible for the guest pass. 

3. Leverage Crunchyroll Facebook Page 

There are around 2.5 million followers on the official Facebook page of Crunchyroll. So every now and then, people post things related to Anime. They comment on each other’s posts. You can request or comment on posts for free guest passes from your fake Facebook account. Who likes to ask for free accounts, right? 

4. Crunchyroll Without Ads

One way of getting a free Crunchyroll premium is by blocking the ads on your free account. You need two extensions to block ads on your account. The U block origin & Adblock.

Use these two extensions on your browser while accessing your free Crunchyroll account. When you use these 2 extensions together, these act efficiently and block almost every ad. So, you don’t have to pay for a premium account anymore. 

However, these don’t always work. So beware!

5. Opt for Crunchyroll Premium 14-Day Free Trial

A 14-day free trial is a short period. But you can try it out. If you’re bored at home and love Anime, then opting for a 14-day free trial is a viable and fastest option. 

In order to get a free Crunchyroll premium 14-day free trial, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Go to the website or the Crunchyroll app

Step 2: Find a highlighted keyword saying premium (try free) on the top. Go ahead click on it!

Step 3: Once you click on it, the main page will open

Step 4: Click “continue.” You need to fill in your details and your card details.

That’s it.  Start your free trial right away. 

6. Get a Free Crunchyroll Premium Account with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewarding company that gives rewards for completing a few tasks. To get a free Crunchyroll Premium Account, you can use Swagbucks rewards. Just follow up with these 5 steps that I’ve mentioned below. 

  • Sign-up for Swagbucks free. 
  • Once you register, you will receive a confirmation link to your email. Confirm the link and verify your account. 
  • Complete the tasks and earn rewards & daily points. 
  • If you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them in the form of cash or gift cards. 
  • Use these cash or gift cards to get a Crunchyroll Premium Account. 

7. Get a Free Crunchyroll Premium Account with Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is another reward-giving company like Swagbucks that giveaway prizes for the completion of tasks and online activities. Here are 3 simple steps that can help you get the free Crunchyroll premium account. 

Step1: Sign up for Inbox dollars and verify your mail

Step2: Once you confirm your mail, start completing tasks, and earn money

Step3: Once you’ve earned enough money, use it to buy a Crunchyroll Premium Account

8. Use Life Points & Get a Free Crunchyroll Premium Account

Life Points can be a great option to get a free Crunchyroll Premium Account. Like Swagbucks and Inbox dollars, it also offers points on the completion of different tasks. 

To earn some Life Points on the platform, you can use the mobile app to complete tasks and surveys. If you’ve reached the redeem point, you can withdraw it to your PayPal or in the form of any gift cards. 

Once you get the money, use it to buy a Crunchyroll Premium Account. If you’re a die-hard fan of Anime and can’t end your day without watching them, try this option.

9. Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts & Passwords

Our expert team members have found these accounts on forums and also generated some on their own for you. If you’re not in a mood to go through those methods, here’s the done deal for you. 

crunchyroll premium accounts

These accounts are free and can be found on the internet. However, we can’t assure you whether these will work or not as we don’t know when you’re gonna use these on Crunchyroll. 

If the account holder changes the details, it will no longer be accessible. However, we will keep coming up with the latest accounts and email ids. To be even more updated, you can join our Telegram channel. 

Username Password
[email protected] 2747127
[email protected] KLaxirai87
[email protected] Aa123467
[email protected] Wisdom62
[email protected] 23744584


Final Thoughts

Although all methods to get a free Crunchyroll Premium account are great, MOD APK and using what we have already found is the best way!

Both of these methods are real quick and everything has been already done for you. In case you’re feeling bored and want to get a Crunchyroll account using any other method, you’re good to go! Whatever I’ve mentioned, it’s tested and it all works perfectly!

Enjoy your free Crunchyroll premium account!


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