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Spotify is in the top spot for a reason when it comes to music streaming, it is so good when it comes to the playlist & radio collection that none others offer. And no matter which device or platform you are using, Spotify will bring the user experience to the next level with seamless transition between your phone, smart speaker, or even car.

couponcruz spotify premium giveaway

Actually, the premium plan of Spotify costs like $9.99 per individual account for instance, if we compare it to the popular streaming service Netflix which offers the base plan for just $8.99.

So many peoples are rather not willing to spend that much money for a premium music streaming service and go with either with a free Spotify subscription which gets them 128kbps audio quality shuffle play with annoying ads or YouTube.

If you are one of them? Don’t worry, today we are gonna show you several methods on how to get Spotify Premium Subscription for free in January 2024.

Spotify Premium vs Spotify Free

First, let’s discuss why it is worth moving from Spotify free subscription to a premium subscription.

spotify premium plans 2024

As you see, the above picture of the Spotify plans you might already get the idea of what Spotify Premium means. To make it more understandable to you, let’s break it down even further.

Official Spotify Subscription Plans

Spotify Free Spotify Premium
Price: Free Price: $9.99
✅ Shuffle play ✅ Play any song
❌ Listen offline ✅ Listen offline
❌ No ads ✅ No ads
❌ Unlimited skips ✅ Unlimited skips
❌ High-quality audio ✅ High-quality audio

Here is the complete list of the current plans that Spotify offers in 2024.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium Account in 2024

There are several methods you can get yourself a Spotify premium for free these days and trust me these methods we are gonna show today are 100% working and legit.

CouponCruz Spotify Premium Giveaway is Real

Are you tired of copy-pasting the usernames and passwords that most websites out there claiming those are Spotify premium accounts?

Well, you have come to the right place. Because CouponCruz is giving out Spotify Premium accounts that are actually bought from the official Spotify website so you don’t have to worry about whether it’s gonna work or not. It will work 100%, even if it doesn’t for some weird reason, we will regive you another Spotify premium account.

spotify gift card

We are giving out 100 Spotify Premium(Family Plan) accounts every weekend to the 100 peoples we randomly select from the CouponCruz Spotify Premium giveaway contest.

Spotify Premium Proof

With each Spotify account that you win, you can further add your friends or family members up to 6 peoples since it is a Spotify Family Plan.

CouponCruz Free Spotify Premium Account Giveaway January 2024 (International)

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Participate in CouponCruz Spotify Giveaway

How to Participate & Win Spotify Premium Giveaway

No nonsense survey or ads we require, all you need to do is just sign up or login using your email to participate in CouponCruz giveaway, you can also use Facebook or Google if you are lazy like me.

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spotify giveaway conditions

Last 3 Winners List

Winners List for the Giveaway Ended on (3rd January 2024)

Name Entries Proof
Raul 130 Mailed
Paola Fuentes 85 Mailed
TONIJUA475 75 Mailed

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Spotify Premium Features in January 2024

There are many people out there who still use Spotify as their daily go-to and happy with the free plan that Spotify offers. But there are many advantages of Spotify premium which offers additional features, lets get into more detail about that.

Say goodbye to Spotify Ads

These days even the ads become so real, sometimes I would think that the next track is playing and suddenly it stops with a lady calling me to subscribe to premium blah blah. No matter what if you listen or skip to the next song, in between every 6 songs you will get 2 ads (15 secs + 30 secs).

With the Spotify Premium account, you will never get to hear annoying ads anymore.

High-quality audio

I know that many of us don’t even have a proper headphone or speaker to tell the difference between 128kbps and 320kbps songs. But if you are the one who gets annoyed by the lowish quality that Spotify free offers, then you should know that Spotify premium offers up to 320kbps (original Ogg Vorbis format) to experience the true music.

Unlimited skips

With Spotify premium account, you can play any number of your favorite songs, playlists, podcasts as you like without any limitations. Combining this with an ad-free experience, Spotify offers the best in class music streaming service overall.

No internet no problem

Spotify Premium lets you listen offline and download up to 3333 songs on a single device. You can simply download all your favorite playlists and don’t have to worry about the internet while you are on the go.

For Those Who Haven’t Won the CouponCruz Spotify Premium Contest

Don’t worry if you didn’t win the free Spotify premium giveaway contest on CouponCruz.

You can try joining the contest next week and there are no limitations in that. The possibility of the winning here on CouponCruz is always higher, hence make sure you bookmark this page and come regularly for the surprise.

If you’re still not that lucky as me LoL. You can follow the below methods and tricks to get free Spotify accounts without having to win the giveaway.

1. Get Yourself a Free Personal Spotify Premium Account Now

If you don’t have the patience to win yourself an original Spotify Family Plan account then get yourself a private Spotify premium account just for yourself and enjoy uninterrupted music.

We have a decent amount of Spotify premium accounts that we share regularly on our Spotify Account Usernames & Passwords 2024, but many peoples might come and take the accounts and use it for their use. Some do change the passwords and we cannot track them down since we have a huge list of accounts to be count on.

So if you want an individual account just for you to use Spotify Premium without sharing with anyone, you can simply contact us via Facebook Messenger or by the following ways.

Facebook or Email Now!

2. Buy Spotify Premium (6 account Family Plan) Account for Cheap on CouponCruz

I hope you already got yourself a free Spotify premium account by using the above methods but there are still some peoples out there who are so unlucky like I was one time who still facing troubles on getting Spotify premium.

For those peoples, here we are to help you again. You can simply buy the original Spotify Premium account for your own use and you can add upto 6 members using that account as your wish.

Official Spotify Premium Price:
$14.99/month – Spotify Family Plan upto 6 Family Members.
Our Spotify Premium Price:
For Just $5/month,for the same Family Plan with 6 Family Members.

How to buy a cheap Spotify subscription?

Just text us like “I want cheap Spotify Subscription on CouponCruz” on Facebook Messenger or Instagram or Email US

Facebook or Email Now!

Tip: You can also buy the Spotify premium subscription yearly plan for crazy cheap. Let us know in the chat.

3. Download Spotify Premium Mod APK

As you already know Spotify is one of the top-tier Music Platform and millions of peoples are listening to the songs using their mobile devices, especially Android ones.

Yes, you can simply use this Spotify premium mod apk to enjoy all the premium features that Spotify offers like no ads, unlimited shuffles, high-quality songs and more.

Many dark developers who make these kinds of cracked modded apps for Android (since it is open source) to favor the peoples who don’t have enough money for paying premium services.

spotify mod apk downloadDownload Spotify Premium Apk

App name:Spotify Music Apk
Size:30.2 MB
CPUArm32 & 64
Updated15th August 2022


Steps to download & install Spotify Mod Apk:

  • First, download the Spotify Premium Mod Apk from the link given below.
  • Now go to your android settings and make sure you checked “Allow Unknown Sources” on the privacy settings.
  • Once done that, just tap and install the downloaded Apk from CouponCruz.
  • That’s it, start using flawless Spotify premium on your android forever.
Tip 1: We update the download links regularly so that the modded Spotify app stays updated to the latest version.
Tip 2: Make sure you uninstalled the official Spotify app if you already have that on your device. Else, this mod Apk might not be installed on your device.

4. Spotify Free 90 Days Trial

Are you still not satisfied with the above methods of getting Spotify Premium for free!

Don’t worry, Spotify currently offers 90 days (3 months) of a free trial for the premium subscription. This offer is available in almost all the countries where Spotify service is available.

Not eligible if you have previously subscribed to any of the premium plans on Spotify. This offer can be claimed only once.

How to get Spotify free 90 days trial?

  • Go to the Spotify website or open the Spotify app on your phone

spotify free 90 days trial

  • Click on “START FREE TRIAL

spotify subscription

  • It will redirect you to the payment gateway, yeah you need to add your debit or credit details and click on “START MY SPOTIFY PREMIUM“. If you don’t have a credit card then simply use Virtual Credit Card (VCC) and get the online card within minutes.
  • Once done you will see that your Spotify premium account trial is successfully activated

Cancel Spotify premium trial before it ends:

Once that 90 days period is over, Spotify will auto-detect money from the card you used to add for the trial. So make sure you cancel the premium subscription before the trial period ends.

  • Login to your account page.
  • Scroll down to Your Plan, click Change Plan
  • Now choose Spotify Free and click Cancel Premium

Unlimited Spotify Trial: Once the 3 month trial period ends, you can simply logout and signup for a new account using a different email and claim the offer again.

Spotify also offers 30 days free trial in some region, so make sure to read the terms and conditions for the offers on your country from the below links.

5. Free Spotify Premium  Promo Codes

Just like any other promo cards these Spotify promo codes can be used to redeem the premium subscription in the go. We bought few Spotify promo cards online and giving out for free here on CouponCruz.

Remember these codes can be used only once if the below promo codes aren’t working for you, then somebody else used that code already.

Don’t worry, just bookmark this page and come back regularly especially on a weekend where we update these codes along with our Spotify Premium giveaway prizes.

Final Thoughts

Instead of buying the Spotify premium subscription, you can simply use one of the above methods to get free Spotify premium account for yourself. Enjoy ad-free and uninterrupted high-quality music on Spotify now.

Are you draining your money on Netflix subscription? or you don’t have pricey Netflix subscription yet? Then make sure to check our Free Netflix Account article where we run Netflix giveaway contests, Netflix Mod Apk, Tricks to get Netflix subscription for free without any hassle.


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      4. Wait for the giveaway to end.

      5. Check back our site to know the winners list, Also you will get mail about winning details.

      You can also Buy Premium Account at Cheap Price via this link.

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