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Getting free Spotify premium accounts and passwords in 2024 will save you a lot of money and satisfaction. After all, who likes to pay for music?  

spotify premium accounts free online

Especially in this lockdown situation, where every person is stuck inside their home. A majority of people are doing work from home, watching TV series, chatting with friends, or doing anything they can do to pass time. 

No matter what people are doing, one thing is certain – music is something they enjoy on a daily basis. Most probably, you’re here because you’re a music lover. And just like me, you also think that Spotify should be free of cost. 

Don’t worry, We’re gonna make the Spotify premium accounts and passwords 2024 free for you.

Just read the article, pick any method you like, follow the instructions, and enjoy your free Spotify premium account and password 2024.

The amount you will be saving via these free tricks and hacks is huge. Let’s give you a brief idea of the prices and plans that Spotify provides you.

How Much Does Spotify Cost? – Pricing! 

Spotify has 4 paid plans to choose from. The cheapest of all is the Student Plan, which is priced at $4.99/month. On the other hand, the most expensive one is the family plan, which is available for $14.99/month.

spotify premium plans 2020

Have a look at the above chart to compare each plan. And check the below table to get the idea on what you are getting on Spotify Premium compared to the free subscription.

Spotify Free Spotify Premium
Price: Free Price: $14.99
✅ Shuffle play ✅ Play any song
❌ Listen offline ✅ Listen offline
❌ No ads ✅ No ads
❌ Unlimited skips ✅ Unlimited skips
❌ High-quality audio ✅ High-quality audio

Being a student, you can pay $4.99 a month. Don’t you think it’s a bit expensive for a student to listen to ad-free music?

In case if you’re a working individual, you’re in no luck, my friend! You need to pay at least $9.99/ month to get Spotify Premium.

So wouldn’t you rather think of some smart way to save this enormous amount and get free Spotify premium accounts and passwords in 2024?

For the sake of your betterment, let me show you some methods so that you can grab free Spotify premium accounts and passwords 2024 today. 

Tweaked Spotify App- The Best Way to Get Free Spotify Premium Accounts and Passwords  2024

Tweaked Spotify app is nothing but a hacked Spotify premium account. Some nerd coders perfectly hamper the app’s coding in such a way that unlocks all premium features of Spotify. Once you download the app and login with your mail id and password, even if you’re on a free account, you can get a free premium Spotify account without buying.

spotify premium mod apk

To get free Spotify premium accounts and passwords 2024, tweaked apps have been the most reliable source for everyone. Let me show you how it’s done.

In order to get the tweaked Spotify app, you need to follow up with a specific set of instructions: 

  1. Uninstall the original Spotify app. 
  2. Start the injection procedure, which will be shown on your screen as you click on the app icon. 
  3. After installation, you will get a few tasks to perform. 
  4. Tasks could be like installing an app, signing in, or maybe just waiting for a while. (these tasks depends on your location) 
  5. Do these tasks and claim your free Spotify premium account and password 2024. 

Our website has the latest tweaked Spotify app. We update it as much as Spotify does. Although this method takes a little bit of your time, it definitely saves your money and does the work pretty fast. 

Make Sure to Know How to Install Spotify Premium Mod APK 

Spotify MODs are very similar to tweaked apps, you don’t need to do any task for the installation of these MODs. 

MODs work in the same way as the official premium version of Spotify works. You can skip unlimited songs, download the song for offline listening, and even stream the ultra-high-quality music. 

And lastly, the most important feature! You won’t have to listen all of those annoying ads that are played after every 2-3 songs. Don’t you think that’s great?

Our website has the latest MOD and we keep our MODs up to date. You can simply click on the Get MOD APK on our website and enjoy your free Spotify premium account.

spotify mod apk downloadDownload Spotify Premium Apk

App name:Spotify Music Apk
Size:30.2 MB
CPUArm32 & 64
Updated15th August 2022


Steps to download & install Spotify Mod Apk:

  • First, download the Spotify Premium Mod Apk from the link given below.
  • Now go to your android settings and make sure you checked “Allow Unknown Sources” on the privacy settings.
  • Once done that, just tap and install the downloaded Apk from CouponCruz.
  • That’s it, start using flawless Spotify premium on your android forever.
Tip 1: We update the download links regularly so that the modded Spotify app stays updated to the latest version.
Tip 2: Make sure you uninstalled the official Spotify app if you already have that on your device. Else, this mod Apk might not be installed on your device.

Is Spotify Mod APK Safe?

Such a question arises in every person’s mind before clicking on the download now button. Well, the answer is both yes and no.

Let’s first talk about that scenario when these MODs are not safe. There are several spammy sites that may ask you to share your sensitive details that include bank account details, debit/credit card details, phone number, and even social media accounts access. If you don’t do those certain things, they won’t allow you access to their Spotify MOD.

They assure you that the details are just proof that you are not a robot. But instead of captcha verification, they trick people into accidentally leaking their sensitive information. In the end, this leads to scams and you end up getting robbed. 

So stay away from such sites!

As long as you’re not giving any personal information, every MOD is safe to use. All you need to do is – click on the Get APK link, do a captcha verification in some cases, and the Spotify APK download would begin automatically.

By the way, our website is not that conservative. No such details would be asked, not even a captcha. We know our readers are super cool! You can just click on the Spotify APK link and download the free Spotify premium APK instantly.

If you still think that there’s some sort of catch in the air, you may scan the APK for any viruses yourself, our team assures you, there will be none.

Already Existing Username and Passwords for Spotify Premium

Here again, have fun with these email ids and passwords to get your free Spotify premium account. You should know that these email ids and passwords will only be applicable when you install the MOD APK of Spotify premium. 

Note: Never forget to uninstall the original Spotify app from your mobile phone if you have that already.
EmailsPasswords Validity
[email protected]akironman1 Month
[email protected]akironman1 Month
[email protected] zwasaki47 Days
[email protected] cadielac943330 Days
[email protected]gatewaysTc30 Days
[email protected]jessie08110 days
[email protected]1773727188845 Days
[email protected]danbrown021 Month
[email protected]jm27198730 Days
[email protected]00824983 Months
[email protected]hunghung01211 Month

Please note that all these email ids and passwords will not work forever. Using many accounts from 1 id will notify Spotify that the mail id is using several devices. So after 3-4 devices, the mail id and password will stop working.

The list I’ve given above gets updated regularly, keep an eye on this list. If you are quick enough to come to our page and try the new mail id and password out, you will get free Spotify Premium accounts and passwords 2024.

Seek Coupons and Promo Codes for Free Spotify Premium Accounts and Passwords 2024

There are several coupons that can be availed to get a premium Spotify account for free. Some of these coupon codes are free and some are available at a dirt-cheap price. 

If you want coupons, stay updated because these coupons get used time and again. And guess what? They’re usable for once! 

To find these coupons, you may visit sites like Groupon, Grabon, Zoutons, etc.  

Spotify Premium Coupons We Used and Found Legit

  • Unlimited free music for a month free of cost
  • Listen to ad-free music at $4.99 for one month
  • Get one-day premium Spotify

Spotify Premium Promo codes

As I said, free Spotify premium accounts and passwords 2024 promo codes are for one-time use only. These have a serial number that you can put into the specific section of the Spotify website and enjoy your free premium version.

To get a promo code card, you need to pay. After paying, you can redeem the promo code on the official Spotify website.

We have already bought some Promo codes to give away to our readers. Feel free to use these codes.

Promo CoseDescription
9656311218911811Free Spotify premium for 1 month
611968121511803Free Spotify premium for 2 months
1623918940171151Free Spotify premium for 3 months

Are you facing a problem using the coupons? You might just be unlucky because someone else must have visited this page earlier and used them before you. 

Keep an eye on our website, it’s highly dynamic, we keep coming up with new coupons and promo codes almost everyday. So make sure you visit the website on a regular basis so that you can access the codes and coupons to get free Spotify premium accounts and passwords 2024.

You can also join the newsletter to get the latest updates

Now as long as you are here, give other methods a try. You will definitely exit this page with a free Spotify premium account and password.

Claim the Free 30-Day Trial for Spotify Premium – Valid Once Per User

Once you install Spotify on your android, iOS, or desktop, just log in with your original email id. Initially, you will have access to the free account. 

spotify free 90 days trial

To get a premium account, go to the premium section, select a plan from the 4 mentioned pricing plans.

You will be directed to a page asking you for your card information. Simply put in your card information. Don’t worry, there will be no transaction from your account for 30 days and you will be able to access the premium plan you would choose. 

There are 2 downsides of this process:

  • As soon as your free trial gets expired, the bill is auto-recurring, meaning in case you forget to cancel your subscription after your free trial, you will be at a loss. The amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account. 
  • Claiming a 30-day free trial is a limited process. No one has unlimited emails and banking accounts. Would you create a bank account every 30 days, for just claiming this free trial? Haha! Obviously no! 

We have a solution to the above problems as well! Read the next section and know how to get Free Spotify premium accounts and passwords 2024 for a lifetime.

How to Get Spotify Premium with Fake Credit Card – Getting Free Spotify Premium Account and Password 2024

The best solution to tackle a limited-time free trial problem is to claim it repeatedly. Isn’t it?

But, how can we do that? 

Here’s the solution, generate a fake email and credit card to claim free trial again and again. Sounds fun right?

How To Create Fake Email Using Various Websites

Many websites are out there that can let you create fake or temporary emails. You can get access to that email’s inbox for a certain amount of time. Such services are called temporary email or disposable email. 

The sole reason for fake email id creation is to get the free trial repeatedly. Anyway, getting a temporary email is not a big deal, the major problem arises with credit/debit card details. But yes, here’s the solution. 

How To Create Fake Credit/Debit Card Numbers to Get Free Spotify Premium Accounts and Passwords 2024

There are some sites that can let you generate fake credit or debit cards. All you need to do is:

  • Pick a credit/debit card series (Starting 6 numbers of a card)
  • Put it in the tool
  • Check if the card is active or not

The tool will give you the credit card number, CVV, and date of expiration. So next time, if it asks for credit or debit card details, put details of a fake credit card and claim your free trial. 

Buy Cheap Personal Spotify Premium Plan

You might not be aware of this, but there are several Telegram and Facebook groups that are solely made to sell or buy premium Spotify accounts cheap. 

Join those groups, get a Spotify account from someone who has already done what you would be doing with these methods on your own. Be highly active in such groups and you will definitely get a legit account in no time. But…  beware of fraudulent because there are a lot of such people. 

Before doing any transaction, get the account email and password first. If the other person is legit, he or she would have no problem. 

Final Thoughts on Getting Free Spotify Account in 2024 

Platforms like Spotify have become a vital part of our lives. Perhaps, that’s why it’s pricing is not fitting in our budget. They know that we have no choice. 

Our motive is to give our readers a viable and dependable option as an alternative to Spotify premium. We want our readers to have a choice. 

A quick suggestion from my side is to go with the MOD APK Spotify trick first. That’s the easiest and quickest way to get a Spotify premium account.


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