If you want to know how to get free Disney Plus access, you’re in the right place. It’s quite annoying when you need to opt for the monthly/yearly subscriptions on these OTT platforms to watch your favorite TV series and movies. Don’t worry, I’m here to give Disney+ access for free.

More importantly, once you end up consuming this blog post, you will become familiar with all the methods that would equip you with the right knowledge to break through Disney Plus for free. 

So, let’s get started!

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost?

The cost of a subscription varies from country to country. In the US, the monthly subscription for Disney Plus costs around $6.99, and the yearly subscription is $69.99. Whereas, if we talk about Canada, the monthly subscription is $8.99.

disney plus pricings

If you look at its monthly plan, paying around $70 is not what I would love to pay. And pretty much, it seems you don’t want it either. 

So here we are with legit methods that can help you know how to get free Disney Plus. So what are you waiting for? Let’s discuss each method one-by-one. 

How to Get Free Disney Plus Account in 2024

There are several methods you can get yourself a Disney Plus account for free these days and trust me these methods we are gonna show today are 100% working and legit.

CouponCruz Disney Plus Giveaway is Real

Are you tired of copy-pasting the usernames and passwords that you found online and later you realize it’s just a spam combinations?

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disney plus free account giveaway

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For Those Who Haven’t Won the CouponCruz Disney Plus Contest

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If you’re still not that lucky as me LoL. You can follow the below methods and tricks to get free Disney+ accounts without having to win the giveaway.

Buy Disney Plus (Personal Account) for Cheap on CouponCruz

I hope you already got yourself a free Disney Plus account by using the giveaway contest but there are still some peoples out there who are so unlucky like I was one time who still facing troubles on getting Disney+ premium.

For those peoples, here we are to help you again. You can simply buy the official Disney Plus account for your own use and you can add upto 6 members using that account as your wish.

Official Disney Plus Price:
$8.99/month – Disney Plus Plan upto 6 Family Members.
Our Disney Plus Premium Price:
For Just $3/month, for the same Plan with 6 Family Members.

How to buy a cheap Disney Plus subscription?

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7 Methods to Get Free Disney Plus, in 2024

There are many methods to get Disney Plus for free. Some work and some don’t, it’s all hit and trial. But hey, no worries because I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Let’s just have a look at my secret methods. 

1. How to Get Free Disney+ via MOD APK

One of the best methods to get Disney+ for free is via a MOD APK. Just install this MOD on your phone and you will be able to avail all the Disney+ features.

What is Disney+ MOD APK? Is It Safe?

Disney+ MOD APK is nothing but a pirated or cracked version of the original app. You can get almost all the features of a premium Disney+ subscription in a MOD APK for free. 

Speaking of safety, we must say that our MOD is entirely safe, virus-free, and it doesn’t ask for any personal information. 

Some websites can lure you into sharing your sensitive and private information such as card number, bank account, phone number, etc. Please stay away from such websites.

To be more aware of such frauds, you should look for these 3 things while downloading Disney+ MOD APK: 

  • Check if the site has a secure connection i.e. the site has a domain name attached to HTTPS and not HTTP
  • Don’t ever give your card details or bank account details to any of these sites
  • A red screen popup automatically appears that says, “the site is not secured.” 

Disney+ MOD APK Features

The features of Disney+ MOD APK resemble highly with the original app. The only difference is – you’re not paying for this one, haha!

disney plus mod apk

It doesn’t matter whether you watch TV series on Disney+ or Anime, you won’t have a problem watching any of them. Here are some more promising Disney+ MOD APK features that you should know about.

Cutting Edge & Easily Navigable User Interface

The user interface of Disney+ MOD APK is friendly. You can search for any movie or TV series you want. Just put your desired keywords in the search bar and you will have it in no time. 

You can also add any show or film to your watchlist to make a great collection so that you can binge-watch later. 

The MOD APK also has a smart feature that resumes the movie/TV series from the point you left it. All in all, the interface is excellent and easily navigable.

Stream Videos in 4K

When it comes to watching anything on your mobile phones or laptop, quality is something that won’t compromise on. If the video is blurry or of poor quality, I’m damn sure you’re not gonna enjoy it, right? With Disney+ MOD APK, you can get a video quality of up to 4K, which is considered as top-tier video quality.

You just need to keep two things in mind. First, your phone should support 4K resolution. Second, you should have a fast internet connection to stream in 4k.

Add Children’s Profile

Disney has so many cartoons and it abides by its name as well. Many parents take Disney+ subscriptions for their children. As a matter of fact, you can keep your children away from seeing adult stuff. MOD APK comes with such a feature that would help you make a separate account for your kid. 

When you create this profile, the app will automatically show only cartoons and movies that would be suitable for 12 years or younger.

Download Movies with Disney Plus MOD APK

When you travel, you need some sort of entertainment, don’t you? What will be better than having downloaded movies and TV series of your choice? With Disney Plus MOD APK, you can download your favorite TV series and movies in 1080p and enjoy them while travelling.

Beware: If you don’t open the downloaded TV series or movie for quite some days, it will automatically get deleted. So make sure you plan your downloads accordingly.

Instructions To Use Disney+ MOD APK
  • ~ First connect to Usa Server Austin via any Free VPN
  • 1 – Clear Continue Watching History
  • 2 – Clear app Data And Cache Try Again It will work for U
  • 3 – Restart your phone


Now that we have discussed the Disney+ MOD APK, would you like to know more on how to get free Disney Plus Access in 2024? Okay, here are some more smart ways to get Disney+ Access in 2024 without paying.  

Note: These methods require you to spend money on something. The products you buy will have an offer to avail Disney+ for free. So, if you’re not a shopping-oriented person, you may stick to the MOD APK method.

2. How to Get Free Disney Plus with Verizon

When you sign up for Verizon’s internet connection, they offer a Disney Plus subscription for free. So if you’re newly shifted to a house and need an internet connection, you should go with Verizon.

6 months of free Disney Plus with ‘Star unlimited’ and ‘Do more unlimited’ Verizon internet connection plans don’t look like a bad deal to me. If you want to kick things up a notch, you can go with the ‘Get more unlimited’ plan and get ESPN Plus, Disney Plus, and Hulu as well. 

If you’re new to Verizon, you can go to their official website, sign up, choose the plan of your liking, and get Disney Plus for free.

You’re an existing Verizon customer, you can still avail the perks of the plan you took. Check your email, you must have received a confirmation from Verizon that would tell you how to get a free Disney+ subscription in 2024.

3. Get Free Disney Plus with Unlimited Phone Lines in the USA

If you have multiple unlimited lines on your US number, then congrats, you’re in for a treat!  You can get a free Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN bundle worth $12.99 free.

A pro tip: 3 unlimited lines will just do the work fine. Have these in place and getting a free Disney+ account will be easy as pie. 

Get free 1-month Disney Plus with Xbox

You can redeem a free 1-month Disney Plus subscription with an Xbox gaming console.  The offer can be availed by anyone who is buying Xbox from January 31, 2022, to May 2, 2022.

So if you’re going to buy Xbox and enjoy your day, why don’t you avail the Disney Plus free subscription?

4. Buy Chromebook and Get Free Disney Plus

Chromebook is an essential tool for web browsing and watching all sorts of shows. If you’re planning to buy a Chromebook, luck is knocking at your door. Recently, Google announced great news saying, “anyone buying a Chromebook can avail free subscription to Disney+ for 3 months.”

Let me show you how to avail this offer:

Step 1: After purchasing Chromebook, go to the offer page on Chromebook’s official website

Step 2: Click on ‘Get Perk,’ which is below the disney+ selection text

Next Step 3: Get a code that will activate your Disney+ free subscription for 3 months

Step 4: Go to your Chromebook account, enter the play store, and download the Disney+ app

Follow Step 5: Create your account inside the app

Step 6: Choose the plan you want and go to the payment page

Step 7: Click ‘Redeem Code’ and type in the code you got in Step 3

Once you finish with the last step, your subscription will be activated, have fun! 

5. Get Free Disney Plus with Fortnite 

Epic Games and Fortnite recently announced mentioning, “when you do a transaction on Fortnite, you get 2 months of free Disney Plus subscription. This offer is only available till 30th January.”

If you’re interested in free deals, you should know that this offer is first come-first based and is also not available in several countries, so hurry up!

6. You’re in for a Treat for the Work You Did At Disney

If you work at any of the Disney branches (California or Florida), you can get a free Disney Plus subscription. The subscription is not just limited to Disney+, you can also get free Hulu and ESPN subscription.

But, you need to choose from the 2 employee options you get:

  1. A free pass for you and your family members for Disney World
  2. Free special bumble worth $12.99, which has Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN plus

7. Free Account IDs and Passwords for Disney Plus 2024

Here are some free accounts that our team cracked. Use any of these and access your Disney Plus subscription for free. Just remember, I don’t know when you’re gonna use these accounts. So some accounts might not work as they get outdated. 

disney+ free accounts

Our team regularly updates these new accounts. So in case, none of these accounts work, check back for an updated table after some days. By the way, you can also join our telegram channel to get an update 🙂 

Email Ids Passwords
[email protected] perzejrez2003
[email protected] snip65erm4n
[email protected] thomasking52
[email protected] iamking57e624
[email protected] danielb7w7384rown5


Final Thoughts

Getting a free Disney Plus subscription isn’t tough but it’s tricky. You need to get access from a trustworthy source or you can end up giving your personal information and losing money at times.

All the methods mentioned above are legit and effective. We have tested them individually and have availed of the subscription for free successfully. 

However, the Disney+ MOD APK is one of the best options you could follow to get a Disney+ subscription for free.

Apart from this, you can leverage our cracked free Disney Plus accounts and passwords. We will keep updating more of them on our website. 

Anything else except for these 2 methods is time-consuming. So there’s no need to struggle, just stick to these 2 methods and you’re good to go!


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      Steps to Be Followed to Participate:

      1. Visit Couponcruz Website.

      2. Search for the post which you’re planning to get an account.

      3. Join the Giveaway just by entering your data.

      4. Wait for the giveaway to end.

      5. Check back our site to know the winners list, Also you will get mail about winning details.

      You can also Buy Premium Account at Cheap Price via this link.


      Team Couponcruz

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