Do you want a free working Netflix account in 2024? In this article, you will be able to get the premium Netflix subscription plan of upto 4 UHD screens worth $15.99 for absolutely free.

Netflix is one of the best in class when it comes to Original Series and Movies. Many people have been using this as a major streaming platform across the globe, but sadly there are still a lot of people out there who want Netflix subscription so badly and can’t afford to buy the premium subscription.

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Most people in the US, UK are using online streaming platforms (OTT) as their major entertainment purpose since big shots like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu started making huge blockbuster movies and series. With tempting titles like Stranger Things, Money Heist, Sex Education and lot more, hands down Netflix is the best streaming platform among them.

Before we get on the methods of getting free Netflix subscription, let’s see the plans that Netflix offers real quick.

  • Basic Plan: $8.99/month, only 1 screen at a time and SD (480p) streaming quality
  • Standard Plan: $12.99/month, 2 screens at a time and FHD (1080p) streaming quality
  • Premium Plan: $15.99/month, 4 screens at a time and UHD (4K HDR) streaming quality

Just forget about the basic and standard plans, because in this article we are gonna see the ways to get the Netflix premium subscriptions only.

How to Get Netflix Account for Free in 2024

You might think there are lots of ways to get free Netflix account easily on the internet, yeah! you are right. But the first way is the best way, so let’s get on with it already!

CouponCruz Netflix Giveaway is Real

I know there are lots of blogs out there saying get Netflix free account using the trial method and blah blah. But it requires your credit card details and then you have to unsubscribe after your trial ends and so on.

And I know many people out there wishes that someone might give them original Netflix account (username and password) without any hassle. That’s where our CouponCruz free Netflix giveaway contest comes alive.

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We are giving out 50 Netflix premium accounts (4 Screen UHD plan) every weekend to 50 Peoples that we randomly select from the Netflix giveaway contest on CouponCruz.

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Note: No hidden sneaky hack or anything, we buy original Netflix premium subscription and giving away to the peoples who are lucky.

CouponCruz Free Netflix Account Giveaway January 2024 (International)

This Netflix giveaway is international, so anyone who lives on Earth can join this contest and get the Netflix account for free and start watching your favorite Series anywhere you want.

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How to Participate & Win Netflix Giveaway

No nonsense survey or ads we require, all you need to do is just sign up or login using your email to participate in CouponCruz giveaway, you can also use Facebook or Google if you are lazy like me.

Now once you have done that, you are officially entered in the CouponCruz giveaway contest and now it’s time to add entries to make sure you win the Netflix account, just follow the below steps:

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Top 3 Winners List

Winners List for the Giveaway Ended on (1st January 2024)

Name Entries Proof
Angel Sanchez 160 Mailed
Josmailin 150 Mailed
Angel Daniel 70 Mailed

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For Those Who Haven’t Won the CouponCruz Netflix Contest

Don’t worry if you didn’t win the free Netflix Giveaway contest on CouponCruz. You can try joining the contest next week and there are no limitations in that. The possibility of the winning here on CouponCruz is always higher, hence make sure you bookmark this page and come regularly for the surprise.

If you’re still not that lucky as me LoL. You can follow the below methods and tricks to get free Netflix accounts without having to win any giveaway.

1. Make Use of the Netflix Free 30 Days Trial

The only official way of getting free Netflix for one month and not many people are aware of this method.

Netflix offers a free trial membership for 30 days for anyone who signs up for the first time. You can use that time to see the Netflix Original contents you like. The only problem is that Netflix stopped the trial offer in many countries like US, UK, India etc. But don’t worry there are still some countries have this one-month trial offer.

Countries that have a free trial offer as of 2024 are Switzerland, Austria, Turkmenistan etc

Steps to get a free Netflix trial:

netflix free trial in 2020

  • Now choose Switzerland (Because the one-month trial offer is still valid on this country)

free netflix trial

  • Scroll down a bit and you will see the signup link for that country that will take you to the Netflix free trial landing page.

netflix 30 days free trial

  • From there click “Join Now” or “Start Now” and you will be directed to the Netflix plans page.
  • Now choose the Premium $15.99 plan and hit continue
  • Finally, use your credit card details (don’t worry you won’t be charged for the first month) and start using Netflix.
Tip 1: If you don’t have a credit card, you can simply use free Virtual Credit Card (VCC).
Tip 2: Try using UFO VPN and set the location to Switzerland while signing up.
Trick 3: You can use this method to get unlimited Netflix trials by simply using different mobile number and different card or PayPal you are using to pay. Try this VCC to get different credit cards instantly.

Note: Make sure you cancel the subscription before the trial period ends to avoid the charges for the concurring months.

2. Netflix Account 4 Screen Sharing

I know $15.99 seems like a somewhat huge deal for many peoples, but if you divide that number by 5 it’s just $3.1 and suddenly this small amount is affordable for many more peoples.

Netflix allows totally 5 different profiles for one account, where you can only stream 4 devices at the same time but hell yeah, it’s rarely all 5 of you might watch simultaneously.

If you don’t have any friends or family members to share with the go online social media platforms like Reddit or Facebook and search for Netflix account sharing group and you will find many peoples like you to share with.

netflix manage 5 profile

Steps to manage a profile on Netflix:

  • Go to Netflix and select the Account icon at the top right corner
  • Now select “Manage Profiles
  • From there you will be able to add or edit multiple profiles
  • You can even set separate passcode for each profile, so no one is gonna spy on you while you watch “Sex Education”

3. Mobile Operator Exclusive Netflix Offer

Netflix loves partnering with mobile operators since they have the potential power in dealing with a hefty amount of people. They often give great discounts and offers for the first few months of Netflix subscription.

netflix t mobile offer

T-Mobile One Plus

If you are in the US and if you are using T-Mobile carrier then you are in luck since T-Mobile covers up to $8.99 on Basic Netflix Plan so it’ll leave you just $2 to pay for one month Netflix subscription.

This plan allows you to stream Netflix on 2 screens at a time and both of them can be used to download videos offline. You can check this page for T-Mobile terms & conditions for Netflix offer.

Here are a few other apps I personally recommend for free TV and Movie streaming:

  • KODI: If you use TV or PC for watching free online movies, then KODI is the best one for you.
  • Popcornflix: Best mod apk for android to watch unlimited TV series and latest movies (make sure you update the app before opening).
  • Tubi: Tubi is one in a few that provides an ad-free online movie watching experience for free.
  • Pluto TV: Another great free app for streaming movies and series, additionally Pluto TV offers 250+ live channels.

4. Online Netflix Account Generators 2024

There are plenty of websites out there giving out randomly generated Netflix Premium account usernames and passwords. Guess what sometimes these accounts are taken from the sources of hacker groups (who leaks unused usernames and passwords).

So it might be worth checking these usernames and passwords to look into unless you are not super busy. Do you get some time? here are few recently updated and working Netflix account usernames and passwords.

Tip: Don’t download any unnecessary apps or waste time on the survey for the free online Netflix fake generators.

Tip 1: Here are some of the Working Netflix Free Accounts and Passwords, at the time of testing the following accounts are working (January 2024).

5. Best Free Netflix Alternatives

Netflix is the king when it comes to Original Series and Movies but that doesn’t mean there are no other big shots in online streaming platform.

Netflix used to be one of the best and still it is because at those old times, there are not platforms are there as good as Netflix. But today almost every big app fames started making their own OTT platforms like MX Player and Disney Plus.

You can also benefit from these Netflix alternatives if you are already a Netflix user for a long time and watched all your favorite series on Netflix and wanting more. Don’t hesitate to try since almost all online streaming service offers a free trial.

Here are the best Netflix alternatives in 2024 so far:

  • Amazon Prime Video: Starting from $6.49 a month for Students
  • Hulu Plus: Starting from just $5.99 a month with a free trial
  • Apple TV: From $4.99 a month with 7 days free trial
  • Acron TV: Starting from just $5.99 a month and exclusive for the USA only

Final Thoughts

I hope this article provides you with valuable information on how to get Netflix account for free in 2024 unlike a lotta other posts out there giving you fake usernames and passwords and not working methods.

And if you are not that lucky enough to win the CouponCruz giveaway contest, you can still follow the below methods to get yourself a free Netflix account for free.


  1. Couponcruz is legit! They gave me a free 7 days premium. I literally just won their giveaway on the first week of november but my bad i didnt saw it not until this week. so im joining again the giveawaay!


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