So you’re trying to download Spotify Premium MOD APK? Well, that’s obvious because for the past few years, Spotify music app has been on the top beating the likes of Amazon Prime Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, and you name it.

Although all of these apps deliver various songs based on genres, mood, emotion, era, etc, Spotify is best among all because it’s great in identifying the user’s personality and estimating the kind of songs you would listen to.

As a matter of fact, that’s why the Spotify app presents 4-5 new playlists every day based on the judgment of its users. 

In the past few months, Spotify’s in-app advertisements have increased to a great extent. And guess what? Most of them can’t be skipped. These ads are long enough to annoy and irritate any free Spotify user. 

To get rid of these ads, you need to opt-in the Spotify premium plans. Before we give you the free Spotify premium MOD APK in 2024, let’s see what Spotify provides. 

What are the Spotify Premium plans?

To avoid the above mentioned problems, Spotify offers 4 different plans to its customers that ain’t cheap at all.  

Spotify Price/Month
Individual $9.99 
Duo $12.99
Family $14.99 
Student $4.99 

I’m not sure about all of you, but I find it funny. Why would one pay money just to listen to a few songs when you can download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024? Yes, the student plan looks cheap, priced at $4.99 per month, but why would someone pay that much amount for just music?

I’ve seen people closing the app and restart all over again whenever a non-skippable ad starts. People always prefer the struggle overpaid comfort. Spending $15 on a beer is way better than Spotify premium, haha! 

If you’re relating even a bit, you all will enjoy reading the following sections because I’ve mentioned free ways to crack Spotify premium. 

What is Spotify Premium MOD APK?

The term “MOD” gives out wrong ideas to many people. They directly start thinking that it would be risky to install a MOD app. In fact, many people think that if they install a MOD apk in their devices, their device may get vulnerable to hacking and viruses. 

spotify mod apk download

I’m not saying that these people are wrong because it happens when you download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024 from a random and unreliable source.  

If you’re good at browsing and understanding websites, you might tell the difference between a genuine one and an unreliable one. Else, you can ask for help from a friend who is good at it.

Now that you’re here, let me tell you that our Spotify premium MOD APK is 100% scanned and free from viruses. If you download Spotify premium MOD APK from our website, you may expect the following features: 

Note: Our Spotify premium MOD APK doesn’t require a root-enabled mobile phone.

How to Download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024?

If any of you haven’t done such a thing before, let me assure you that the installation process is not at all harmful. The procedure is not at all lengthy and almost anyone can understand the given step-by-step process. 

Download Spotify MOD APK

spotify mod apk downloadDownload Spotify Premium Apk

App name:Spotify Music Apk
Size:30.2 MB
CPUArm32 & 64
Updated15th August 2022


Steps to Install Spotify MOD APK

  1. Uninstall the official Spotify app if you already have one installed on your phone.
  2. Download the APK file using the button given below. 
  3. After downloading the file, open it from the downloads list or the file manager. A popup would appear seeking permission for the app that is being installed from unknown sources. Tap the toggle switch to allow permission.
  4. Go back to the installation page and tap the install button.
  5. Your app is installed and ready to use!

Possible Login Errors After You Download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024

The Spotify developers have started searching for such users that are using the pirated, hacked or the MOD APKs of the Spotify app. People with already existing accounts are facing login issues after they download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024. Some apps even display a message that says “incorrect username or password”.

It’s not much of a problem though. Although the email login doesn’t work, you can log into Spotify using your Facebook account. Here’s how you can do it. 

  1. Uninstall the Facebook app from your phone and then use the “Facebook login” option on your Spotify app. This will keep Facebook away from spying on your Spotify activity.
  2. Enter your ID and password and allow all the permissions. There you go! The Spotify MOD APK is ready to use! 
  3. Now you may install the Facebook app again and start using it as well.

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Get free Netflix forever using our 100% working modified version of Netflix app. If you have an android device you are eligible for use this app. You can download and install the Netflix mod apk on your android phone and watch Netflix without sign in. No account required and free to use forever!


Spotify Premium MOD APK 2024 Features 

Extreme Quality Soundtrack

The Spotify app offers songs in normal, high and extreme qualities. The extreme quality plays songs at 320 kbps bitrate and is available only in the premium version. high quality mp3Our Spotify premium MOD APK provides high-quality soundtracks without charging anything. 

Skip Spotify Ads without Premium Plan!

Ads are the most annoying part of any music app. When you start getting into the mood, the ads may show up out of nowhere and would definitely interrupt your songs. And some of those are too long to put up with! You can’t even skip half of those ads and you gotta listen to them completely before the next song on your playlist starts.block spotify ads

To avoid hurdles, download Spotify premium MOD APK in 2024, and it will remove those ads entirely and no interruption would ever occur. 

Can’t Download Spotify Songs? Download them for Free! 

The free version of Spotify doesn’t allow you to download your favourite songs. You always gotta stream songs online and it becomes a headache when you have a poor internet download musicOnce you download Spotify premium MOD APK in 2024, this downloading problem will be solved and you can download about 3000+ songs on 3 different devices whenever you want. 

Get Unlimited Skips on Spotify 

Have you ever heard of this term in Spotify? – Skips per hour? 

Not many people know about it. Let me tell you what it is… Just suppose, you’re listening to a playlist and you don’t like half of the songs in it. What would you do? Of course, you will skip those songs and move on to the next one.unlimited skips spotifyThe free version of Spotify allows only 6 skips per hour. After that, it plays 2 ads, each of 30 seconds (Visual ads) and 15 seconds (Audio ads). However, if you download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024 on Couponcruz, you can skip songs as many times as you want. In other words, we can say you will have better control over the songs. 

No Rooting Required to Download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024?

Most of the MOD APK require a root-enabled phone. If you think that our Spotify MOD APK would come up with the same policy, you’re not right because our MOD is made in such a way, it doesn’t require a rooted phone. spotify mod apk no rootAlso, the link I’ve provided is a safe source so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Alternatives to Download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024

To be honest, this is not a paid promotion for anyone or anything. These are my reviews of those music apps that I like the best. Some of you might agree with me and some not. From my side, this is a genuine blog post, which solely aims to help people like you deal with the free version problems of Spotify. 

Even though Spotify is the most used music app worldwide, many other apps also have a huge fanbase! 

Following are a few apps that are pretty good alternatives for someone who is not a big fan of Spotify.

YouTube Music – One of the Best Spotify Alternatives in 2024 

YouTube Music is a recent addition to the music app market. The app is rising fast and closing in on the Spotify app. Although it was discovered just in 2018, it offers numerous official songs, albums, playlists and much more.

youtube premium mod

Just like the Spotify app, the ads will keep disturbing you but the premium version will let you enjoy your songs and the ads won’t bother you. It mainly consists of 3 tabs, Home, Explore and Library.

The Home tab constantly keeps changing based on your listening habits and your location. The Explore tab guides you and finds the right kind of music. The Library tab has all of your saved playlists.

It pretty much works like Spotify because it captures the user’s activities well and suggests the right songs.

For instance, you can like or dislike a song or an artist. If you like an artist, more songs of that artist will appear on your home screen and vice-versa.

Deezer App Download for Android

Deezer is also known as a Spotify twin because there’s a lot of similarity between both. It works on Windows PC, MacBook, XBox, and mobile – almost everywhere! 

deezer premium

The free version of Deezer has limited skips and 30-second ads in between. It has a normal soundtrack quality at 128 KBPS, and no offline MOD. The Premium version of Deezer provides unlimited skips, full lyrics, and an offline MOD as well. 

Along with this, it also serves a Family Plan that supports as many as 6 devices. More importantly, the Student Plan is excellent for students, which is available at just $5 per month. As compared to Spotify, all these plans are relatively cheaper and provide 320 KBPS soundtrack quality. 

SoundCloud Downloader APK for PC and Android

Unlike other music platforms, SoundCloud is an online music streaming website that has all the latest songs that you can listen to. It has a pretty good user interface. If you’re listening to a song, you can navigate around different pages, but the popup window will continue playing your song.

soundcloud premium

It also works via mobile apps and it can be installed on mobile phones and tablets having both Android and iOS operating systems.

It offers you sublime features such as creating custom playlists and following other user’s activities. You can also apply filters to your searches.

What I like the most about SoundCloud is – you can discover such unknown artists that ain’t famous yet, but are doing awesome! 

MusicUp – One of the Best Music Streaming Apps Without Ads

MusicUp is a little bit similar to SoundCloud. It’s just a website for online music streaming and doesn’t have an app for any device. But, this web service has some cool unique features.

musicup premium

First, the playlists are categorised on the basis of different “moods”, for example chill, work out, happy, etc. Second, you can create a room with your friends and decide the next song you all want to listen. (Yeah, voting works here!) 

It also has Karaoke versions of a lot of songs and this tops the list of its features. But still, it has limited features.

BandCamp App for All Devices

The BandCamp app is the odd one out here in the list because it’s so artist friendly. The artists can set a price on their songs and sell it to their listeners. It is a great app for those who are a part of the music industry or want to enter the music industry.

bandcamp premium

The official BandCamp site gives access to the profiles of these artists where you can have in-depth information about them. 

Fans can download (purchase) their favourite songs and add them to their wishlist. Uploading a song on BandCamp is free, but it charges a commission on the sales.

Are you Ready to Download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024?

The above-listed apps are perfect in their ways. Each app/website has its pros and cons. Apart from these 5 apps, many more apps have been performing well in terms of their song suggestions and number of users such as Pandora Music, TuneIn Radio and Shazam.

I have tried some of these apps on my phone. Undoubtedly, some apps even sometimes outcompete Spotify. But, if we consider all the parameters, I think you should download Spotify Premium MOD APK in 2024.

It has all sorts of songs, sad to disco, old to new, Hindi to Spanish. The song suggestions, from my experience, are quite perfect.

It creates 4 new playlists everyday based on the artists we listen the most. It also maintains a playlist of the songs that we listened the most in the previous year. 

In the end, the choice is yours. Each person has a different liking. Enjoy jamming your songs!



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