The hunt for best free Hulu accounts 2024 have been on the rise as the past few months were literally boring due to pandemic. 

With nowhere to go and nothing to do, people are looking for more sources of entertainment such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, or any other similar platform that can make life a bit more interesting.  

Although Hulu is underrated, it got something that you want. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be searching best free Hulu accounts 2024 on Google, right? 

Before moving further, I’m gonna tell you free ways to get Hulu accounts, I would like to tell you why Hulu is also a great platform for us. 

Why Should You Use Hulu App?

Hulu is a video service OTT platform, which is available in the US and China. Its on-demand video services keep you busy with all the latest TV series. One thing that makes it different from popular platforms like Netflix is your favourite TV shows. 

These shows are available earlier on the Hulu app, sometimes within a week or a day after being aired on TV.

For me, it’s memorable because it’s owned by Disney. And as you know, Disney has so much such content that we used to watch as kids. So if you want to freshen up your memories, get free Hulu accounts on Couponcruz. 

How Much Does Hulu Live TV Cost? 

Similar to its competitors, the Hulu app offers a 30-day free trial to its new customers. The credit or debit card details are required for the Hulu app to identify the customer. A new card means a new customer to Hulu.

There are 2 general paid versions in the Hulu app. The first one is priced at $5.99 (with $2 in the subsequent months). It gives you access to all your favoured TV shows, but it doesn’t remove those annoying ads.

Every time you watch a video, there will be ads at the beginning and end of that video.

The second plan is priced at $11.99 and comes with no ads interference.

Hulu+ Live TV Price Guide

Hulu+ Live TV is a new experiment, which is set out to establish its position in the world of TV channels live streaming such as YouTube TV and Sling TV. It will cost you $55 a month and provides access to more than 60 channels, including the local news and sports channels. 

Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and TLC are its most recent additions.

Hulu+ Live TV can be accessed from a computer as well. All you have to do is visit the official website and click on the Live TV button given on top. You know what? Hulu TV also gives access to on-demand TV shows.

hulu 2020 plans

If you want to compare it with satellite cables, Hulu+ Live TV has the upper hand in the charges. You won’t have to pay for each channel and the other hidden miscellaneous costs. You can watch all channels just by paying a fixed price.

On the other hand, the streaming quality completely depends on your internet or Wi-Fi connection as you’re not depending on satellite cables.

Although these problems might put second thoughts in your mind about getting a subscription, it’s still worth it if you can get it for free. By the way, people find Hulu as a cheap alternative to other sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. 

Listen, what I’m saying is – why are you paying? Here I’ve got ways that can give you free Hulu accounts 2024.

Is Hulu Worth it 2024? – The Need for Free Hulu Accounts 2024

All of the plans I’ve talked about in the previous section are not suitable for students or someone who just started working. 

Do you count yourself into those 2 groups? If yes, you may be having a hard time thinking – how should I pay for it, right? 

The need for free Hulu accounts 2024 is a must now. Just like Spotify and Netflix, there are various methods to get free Hulu accounts in 2024, for example, using modded APKs or fake VCCs.

Before moving forward, I need to tell you what Hulu is up to. Before getting into the actual features, I would like to point out a major turn off for premium.

Look: The cheapest plan of Hulu costs around $5.99, which doesn’t even remove ads. On the other hand, the ad-free version costs $11.99 a month. It implies that you gotta pay $6 extra for the same plan. The only change is – it’s ad-free. 

Based on the latest updates of Hulu, let me tell you why Hulu is worth it or even why it’s not. 

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What Devices Are Compatible with Hulu?

The Hulu app can be accessed from many devices such as Android and iOS devices. It’s also available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, PC browsers, and gaming platforms like Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PS4.

hulu supported devices

Some older consoles, such as PlayStation 3 can’t be used to access the newer version of the Hulu app even when it supports the classic Hulu app.

Download Hulu Live TV on All Devices

It’s the newest undertaking of Hulu. The Hulu+ Live TV delivers more than 60 channels that include local channels such as the sports and news channels. 

hulu free downloadOne thing that I find great about it is – you can watch the Live TV even on your mobile phone. 

Download Offline Content On Hulu

In a recent update, Hulu introduced the ability to watch our most liked TV shows and movies offline. A user can download upto 25 content videos with a validity of 30 days. 

download videos from hulu

After 30 days, the downloaded file will be removed from your device. However, this feature is available only in the ad-free plans of Hulu.

Considering all these latest features, I don’t think they’re good enough to reach your wallet. If you don’t want yourself caught in this trap, you may apply the following methods to get free Hulu accounts 2024. You can have an ad-free experience and watch all your favourite shows without paying a single penny.

My Best Hacks to Get Free Hulu Accounts 2024

This year has been the worst thing our generation has ever experienced. OTT platforms such as Hulu and Netflix are keeping all of us stable in this stressful pandemic. 

Having access to these video services is a blessing, and having access without paying anything is like the icing on top!

I’m addicted to TV shows and I often end up experimenting with such platforms. The following are some of the methods I’ve tried to get free access to Hulu accounts in 2024. 

1. Install Cookies to Get Free Hulu Accounts 2024

To be precise, cookies can be termed as data storage units. All these sites that we surf on our laptop or mobile phone send data that our browser stores. This data can be anything, for example, your ID and password or the settings you’ve changed on any website.

updated hulu cookies

How do Cookies work?

If you visit the official Hulu website from your account, your data gets stored in the cookies. Now, these cookies can be transferred from one device to another with the help of Cookies. 

To get free Hulu accounts 2024, make sure to read the following steps to understand the procedure:-

  • If you’re an Android user, install Kiwi Browser from Play Store and install the Cookie-Editor extension. If you use Windows or Mac, install the Cookie-Editor extension from Chrome. 
  • Use the below free Hulu cookies (Note: These two cookies down there are updated regularly) or simply look for cookies on the internet as there are hundreds of them.

Hulu Cookie 1:

cookie to be pasted

Alternative Hulu Cookie 2:

cookie to be pasted
  • Now open the official Hulu website because that’s where you’re gonna import the cookie. Open the Cookie-Editor extension and import the cookie. 
  • Now open Chrome in the device where you have to copy the cookies. Click on the extension and paste the cookie in the Import Box. Once you’re done, click on the tick. 
  •  Congrats! Your Hulu account is ready to use.

2. Use Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) to Get Free Hulu Accounts 2024

Just like any other video service provider, Hulu offers a 30-day free trial to new customers. It identifies its customers by the credit card number. A new card implies a new customer.

Here’s a loophole. Leverage a virtual credit card! 

A virtual credit card is a system generated card that keeps a gap between your account and your credit card details. It keeps your bank account safe. As the name suggests, it doesn’t have a physical existence.

This can be put to our advantage easily. A new fake VCC can be created each month and can be used to register on the Hulu app. Since every month, as the card details will keep changing, the Hulu app will recognise each VCC as new customers. So you can expect consistent trials. 

This is not at all risky and you can register with as many different VCCs as you want to. Yes, it may sound like a task, but it’s better than paying $12 a month, isn’t it? Just remember, never forget to cancel your subscription before the last date or else your money will be gone!

You can create a VCC at numerous service providers. A few banks provide VCCs too. A few of them are SBI Virtual Credit Card, HDFC NetSafe card, Kotak Net Card, etc.

Why Should One Use VCCs?

  • It eliminates any risks as it keeps your credit card details and bank account separated.
  • A VCC can be created with any amount of your choice.
  • There is no limit to the number of VCCs you create
  • Worldwide payments are supported!
  • You can cancel your card at any time as per your wish.

3. Get Free Hulu 30-day Trial Using Your Current Credit or Debit Card

The 30-day free trial offer is good for a short period. If you don’t want to use VCCs, you can use your current credit or debit card to sign up.

hulu free trial

Make sure you cancel your subscription before the subscription period ends. Otherwise, the Hulu app will make an automatic transaction.

This method won’t promise long periods of entertainment but will surely keep you in your right mind for a few months till all your cards get used. 

4. Share Hulu Accounts with Friends & Cut the Cost 

This method will show you your true friends! Everyone has that rich friend who has access to all the OTT platforms. But, not all such friends would love to share their passwords with you. Haha! 

You can do one thing – ask your friend for a password and tell him or her, “I would pay half of what you’re paying, let me use it.” 

Sharing passwords with your friends is the simplest thing you can try. Many apps do have a screen limit, but there’s always a way to solve a problem. You simply have to adjust your timings!

Get Free Hulu Accounts 2024 On Couponcruz 

Most of us are lazy and will find the above 4 tasks laborious, especially those with the use of cookies and VCCs. So here are some free premium accounts that I’ve cracked recently. 

[email protected]Camlou925DisneyPlus, ESPN
[email protected]Hovey$1234Live TV
[email protected]eddie2008Live TV
[email protected] racecar2DisneyPlus, ESPN
[email protected] james220Live TV
[email protected]angry1Live TV
[email protected]junglejuice199xLive TV
[email protected]Nightmare1Live TV
[email protected]carlos24No Commercials
[email protected]havelock1993No Commercials
[email protected]Bubby1204Live TV
[email protected]pde521782No Commercials, STARZ
[email protected]crosbymay7STARZ
[email protected]Princess08No Commercials
[email protected]Baby7girlSTARZ
[email protected]junior07Disney+, ESPN
[email protected]Chesca0803Live TV,DisneyPlus,ESPN

Make sure that you login as soon as possible with these accounts as the Hulu app keeps a check on the number of devices. If it crosses a certain limit, these IDs won’t work for you.

Is Trying a Free Hulu Account 2024 Worth it?

Hulu has gained popularity among large masses in the US and China and is expected to enter the international arena by the year 2024. I must say – this app might be the next big thing after Netflix.

Hulu is always quick to put our favourite shows and movies on their system as soon as they get aired on TV or in theatres.

The recent introduction of Hulu+ Live TV might prove to be a huge boost in the long run. A steep price of $55 is completely unaffordable for many people and this lures people towards gaining access to free Hulu accounts 2024.

All the above methods including the list of free Hulu Accounts 2024 are risk-free and not lengthy or difficult. Go get those free accounts and enjoy your favourite shows!

And to answer your question, is trying a free Hulu account worth it? Well, you tell me that in the comments now.



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