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The Google searches for free Hulu premium accounts and passwords 2024 have been skyrocketed too much lately. 

It seems school and college students like me are supposed to sit in front of the screens instead of online classes. After all, who likes to hear out booooring lectures? 

On the other hand, people who lost their jobs have literally got nothing to do for now.

I don’t know in which group do you fall in but you need free Hulu premium accounts and passwords 2024.  

Don’t worry, I’m here to make your boring time more entertaining. Before we discover about Hulu premium accounts and password generation techniques, would you like to know a couple of facts about Hulu? That would be another entertainment for you? Haha! 

Reasons for the surge in popularity of the Hulu app

The Hulu app is a video service platform available only in the US and China. The popularity of Hulu has been ever-increasing among large masses in the US. As you know, the epidemic problem is still not fixed yet. 

Hulu and Netflix have good quality content, which has resulted in them getting a large number of users (or customers). 

Although Netflix is available in most countries across the world, Hulu has a lot of potential to go head-to-head once it enters the international arena.

The Hulu app makes sure that our favorite series are available much earlier than any of its competitors, such as Netflix. We can watch anything we want just after a week when it is aired on TV or in theatres. Sometimes it only takes a day!

Why Should One Use Free Hulu Premium Accounts and Passwords 2024

The root of all these problems is the high price that these streaming platforms charge us. That’s why some people have started searching for free Hulu premium accounts and passwords 2024.  

There are so many methods you can use to get a FREE Hulu Premium account. Some are safe, some are illegal, and some are even unsafe. Don’t worry, our methods are totally safe and legal. 

Looking at the bigger picture, you will realize that you should make use of these methods as they will help you gain access to all of the shows and save you a lot of money!

You may go through the features listed below to get a better grip.

Features of Couponcruz Free Hulu Premium Accounts and Passwords 2024

Compatibility of Devices With Hulu Premium App

Hulu has provided good accessibility for its users. It works on several different devices. You can access all the plans from a mobile phone or a PC (Windows and iOS both). It’s also available on other platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and gaming consoles like Xbox, Xbox360, and PlayStation4.

hulu supported devices

However, the older devices, for example, gaming consoles like PlayStation 3 don’t support the new version of Hulu. Nonetheless, the classic version will work on these older devices.

See No Ads With Hulu Premium 

As mentioned earlier, the Hulu app makes you pay $6 only to remove those annoying ads and it’s not at all worth it. And the access to free premium accounts and passwords 2024 will do you a favor.

hulu premium no ads

These accounts provide an access to all of the TV shows and movies. The ads won’t mess around and you will have a good time with no unwanted ads.

Offline Content Availability for All Users

The ability to download any video has been made in a recent update. Now you can put your favorite shows on download and watch them later in your free time.

download videos from hulu

It’s a good thing as you don’t have to worry about your internet connection anymore as well. If you have poor Wifi or mobile internet, you can download your content whenever your internet is working fine. 

Multiple Access To Hulu Account for Free

Sharing your account is not a big deal once you get free Hulu premium accounts and passwords 2024. An account can be accessed from multiple devices at a time so you can share your password with your friends and family too.

There is a certain restriction on the number of devices in this case, but it is enough to serve your family members or your close friends. 

Hulu+ Live TV Channels

Hulu recently joined the market of live streaming of TV channels. It offers more than 60 channels including the local sports and news channels at a high-quality stream.

hulu live tv free

You can get this for free using the accounts IDs and passwords listed below. I’m sure you will save a big fat amount of $55!

List of Free Hulu Premium Accounts and Passwords 2024

Use any Hulu premium accounts and passwords you want because these are cracked by our team members. 

Just note this: Due to high demand, these leaked Hulu accounts 2024 are used up by people quickly. There is a limit to the number of devices that use a single account. If the number of devices crosses that limit, that account cannot be logged into a new device.

[email protected]Camlou925DisneyPlus, ESPN
[email protected]Hovey$1234Live TV
[email protected]eddie2008Live TV
[email protected] racecar2DisneyPlus, ESPN
[email protected] james220Live TV
[email protected]angry1Live TV
[email protected]junglejuice199xLive TV
[email protected]Nightmare1Live TV
[email protected]carlos24No Commercials
[email protected]havelock1993No Commercials
[email protected]Bubby1204Live TV
[email protected]pde521782No Commercials, STARZ
[email protected]crosbymay7STARZ
[email protected]Princess08No Commercials
[email protected]Baby7girlSTARZ
[email protected]junior07Disney+, ESPN
[email protected]Chesca0803Live TV,DisneyPlus,ESPN

Make sure you quickly grab these IDs. If all of them are not working for you, you’re probably late. To avoid this in the future, you can join our newsletter so that you can get an update for new passwords next time. 

Plans and Pricing of Hulu App

So here is the part why people tend to look for the free Hulu premium accounts and passwords 2024 and not simply buy the plans. Hulu may be one of the mightiest in the market, so it isn’t affordable for many people.

As all of you know, “No Pain, No Gain”. All the Hulu plans are pretty expensive and spending that much money to “gain” access to Hulu TV shows and movies is similar to “pain.” 

Anyway, here are some plans that Hulu is currently offering. 

This is the cheapest plan available on Hulu. It’s priced at $5.99 a month and in the following months, Hulu will offer a $2 discount. It provides access to all the series and movies from all over the world with high-quality streaming.

hulu 2020 plans

In my opinion, it is a waste of money as this plan is ad-supported. Every time you play a video, there will be an ad before the video starts and an ad at the end. The worst part is you can’t skip these ads. You have to sit and wait. 

No Ads Premium Plan Hulu

No Ads Premium Hulu plan will cost you $11.99 a month. It provides access to all shows and movies, similar content to what the previous plan provides. The only difference is that it eliminates all the ads.

Let me put it in simpler terms. What you’re doing is – paying $6 extra to watch the exact same content without any interference. Do you think it’s worth the amount?

The Ultimate Hulu+ Live TV Plan for all Users

Here comes the most recent plan that Hulu gave because it’s trying to establish its position in the world of Live TV apps such as YouTube, Fubo, and Sling TV. 

Hulu+ Live TV provides us with access to over 60 channels. They also include a few local channels too. Animal Planet and Discovery Channel are some of the recent additions.

The Hulu+ Live TV does cut you some slack. It has no extra charges for every channel. It eliminates hidden and assorted charges as well that are generally included in all the satellite cable plans.

Hulu+ Live TV can also be accessed on a PC as well. There is a live TV button on the top of the official Hulu website, you just have to click on it and there you go! Moreover, the official website also gives us access to on-demand shows and movies.

But, there is one drawback that should be considered. The content may be quite good for the money they charge, but at the end of the day, your experience depends upon your Wi-Fi connection or mobile network.

Unlike satellite cable, the video quality entirely depends on your internet. Undoubtedly almost everyone has a 4G connection today but does your internet always work? There are so many instances I can remember right now where my internet stops working just at the wrong time!

The above reason makes us think about the money we’re spending on the plan. Giving away $55 just to watch your favorite movie at 240p will barely give you any pleasure.

I have provided a list of free Hulu premium accounts and passwords 2024 in the later sections of this blog post. 

Before going there, I would like to vanish second thoughts from your mind.

Best Alternatives of Hulu in 2024

If you’re not a big fan of Hulu, here are the best alternatives you can opt for:

Netflix: Best Hulu Premium Alternative 2024

Netflix is already quite popular all over the world. As you know, Netflix offers great content almost every week or month. It supports offline content that can be accessed from your tablets, PCs, and TVs as well.


It has an auto-downloading and deleting feature. After watching a downloaded video, it automatically deletes the video after a certain number of days, which is good because there would be enough space on your phone!

Sony Crackle App For Phones, Tablets, and Laptops

Another competitor on the list is the Sony Crackle app. It is quite a good alternative for streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix. And it has numerous TV series that you would like but the collection isn’t as vast as that of Hulu and Netflix.

sony crackle

It also has a large collection of movies. Besides, it is supported by many devices including your phones, tablets, and laptops.

CBS App With Cable Subscription

CBS app provides access to all of the on-demand programs that get aired on the CBS channel. It includes all the shows right from the beginning of the series until the current episode.

hulu premium accounts

It also supports the streaming of live content that is being telecasted on the channel. There are 2 plans on CBS: 

Limited commercial and commercial-free priced at $5.99 per month and $9.99 per month respectively.

Get Your Free Hulu Premium Accounts and Passwords 2024

Hulu app has been a great success in the US and China. The introduction of Live TV and offline availability of content has increased its number of uses to a great extent. 

Besides, the Hulu app is expected to become available to users worldwide by 2024, which might prove to be a great success for Hulu.

The use of free Hulu premium accounts and passwords 2024 listed above are entirely safe and sound. What you have to do is grab the opportunity as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be able to login using any of those accounts.

For those who don’t know, I’ve written another blog post, which can you teach you the exact method I used to generate free Hulu accounts and passwords 2024. 

If you want to know how to get a fish instead of having one, please visit this post: How to Get Best Free Hulu Accounts 2024

Peace out, folks!



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