Android smartphones are everywhere now. The technology keeps on going to make the mobile devices thinner to look pretty but on the other hand, it has to sacrifice some battery power to make the device thinner. Here are some bets Battery saver apps for android.

And that brings us battery drain problem. And not only the battery size is the problem for draining, even some unusual apps or some malware or even the unstable background management could also impact the battery.

To overcome this problem there are lots of Battery Saver apps out there are in the market, but many of them are junks. So here is the list of top battery saving apps for Android.

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Here is the list of best battery saving apps for android device. And all the apps are personally tested by me and it is not in any sort of order. The download links are given under each app with a playstore box.

1. Greenify

  • Supports: Both rooted and non-rooted device
  • Downloads: 10M+
  • Rating: 4.4

Greenify is a free to use application. This app is pretty useful when comes to battery saving, because it puts the selected application to the hibernation state where the battery draining app can’t able to run without revoking. Also this app automatically detects the battery draining app in your device and puts them into the hibernation. Also there is lots of other features available for the rooted device.

best ever battery saver for android


  • Available for both android and ios.
  • Provides many additional features other than battery saving.
  • Simple and faster since it’s a very light application.


  • System apps can also be hibernated but it requires premium version.
  • Not very stable when using Xposed modules (rooted devices)


2. Kaspersky Battery Life

  • Supports: No root required
  • Downloads: 1M+
  • Rating: 4.8

Kaspersky is a very known brand for security software. But they are new in the battery saving department, even though the application was newer it packs cool useful tools to save the battery. That’s why in the short period of release, they hit like 1m downloads and great reviews. And the app doesn’t contain any in-app purchases, so it is completely free from ads.

kaspersky battery saver


  • Fully free to download and doesn’t contains ads.
  • Also boost the performance by tweaking the kernels.
  • Alerts when battery is consuming more.


  • Not that good as greenify in hibernating system apps.


3. DU Battery Saver

  • Supports: No root required
  • Downloads: 100M+
  • Rating: 4.5

Yes, it is the best and most rated and most downloaded battery saver app for the android in the playstore. And it is been around since the playstore started, so it has the experience right. That’s what making this app indestructible, also this app supports many features like battery saving, boosting, amplifying etc, Just one tap to save the battery from draining, pretty awesome right.

du battery saver


  • Free and very easy to use.
  • Junk cleaner, phone cooler and even widgets are available.
  • Also there is lots of skin available to customize the theme.


  • Doesn’t have any extra features for rooted device.

4. Power Battery

  • Supports: No root required
  • Downloads: 50M+
  • Rating: 4.5

Power battery is a smart battery saver, because the whole process is completely automatic. It automatically analyzes the app causing the battery draining and automatically captures that app and put into the deep sleep. Background apps are also set to limitation to consume the battery wastage. There is also speed mode, continuous mode, dock mode and many additional features are available.

best battery saver


  • Fully automatic and one tap to save battery life.
  • Lots of modes available.


  • It contains ads.
  • VIP membership requires to unlock some features

5. Deep Sleep

  • Supports: Both root and non rooted devices
  • Downloads: 1M+
  • Rating: 4.1

Deep sleep battery saver is great when coming to turn off the mobile data and 4g kinda stuffs. Because it analyzes the unwanted data traffic going and cut off them immediately and put the mobile to sleep to help save some juice. In aggressive mode even the google play services, facebook services, email services are put to sleep. Yet another great battery lifesaver.

deep sleep battery saver


  • Pre-defined profiles are available to choose from.
  • Cloud sync is available where you can save the preferences and themes.
  • Also there is a night mode, whitelist features included.


  • It also contains ads in the free version.

6. Avast Battery Saver

  • Supports: No root required
  • Downloads: 10M+
  • Rating: 4.4

Another big company that makes the battery saving app for android. The app claims it can save upto 20%, but somewhat it’s true in fact in my testing. It has some algorithm that finds the app which is most power consumer and immediately force stops that apps. And in the power mode it cuts off all the background apps to the sleep and brings out better battery life.

avast battery saver


  • Free and easy to use with just single tap.
  • It also helps to block the ads in the other apps.
  • Boosting phone with clearing the memory and some kernel tweaking.


  • Sadly it contains ads in the free version.
  • And some here and there bugs I found.

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Thus battery saving is very useful in day to day life and definitely comes useful when you are traveling or working or forgot to bring the charger. Rooted devices can access the full advantage of the kernel tweaking to get better results.


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